Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios

Adidas Flagship Store: Oshinowo Studio Retrofits 1970s Building To Create Retail Store In Lagos, Nigeria

  • Designer: Oshinowo Studio
  • Project Type: Retail
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Project Size: 380 sqm
  • Photography: Tolu Sanusi
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

In a collaboration between renowned Lagos-based architecture firm Oshinowo Studio (formerly cmDesign Atelier) and sports and streetwear giant, Adidas, the vibrant urban landscape of Lagos, Nigeria, now hosts the first West African Adidas flagship store. Situated in the heart of the sought-after Victoria Island area, the 380-square-meter, two-floor store stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of Nigerian art, culture, and aesthetics with adidas’s global style and personality.

Lagos-based architectural firm, Oshinowo Studio clinched the project through a design competition hosted by ONL Estates, tasked with the challenge of seamlessly integrating local identity with the international allure of the adidas brand. The result is a stunning retrofit of a 1970s building, transformed into a retail space that embodies the spirit of Lagos, a city known for its urban culture and global creativity.

Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios

The architectural vision manifested by Oshinowo Studio draws inspiration from the very essence of Lagos. The clean lines of the structure are overlaid with a façade that introduces a layered texture, mirroring the depth and complexity synonymous with the city’s commitment to upcycling, reuse, and regeneration. What makes this design truly unique is the use of solid and perforated corrugated aluminum sheets, traditionally employed in Lagos’s mass housing projects, to construct a façade that captivates the observer.

Site Plan of Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios
Site Plan
Ground floor of Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios
Ground Floor Plan
Floor plan of Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios
First Floor Plan
Section of Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios

This striking façade is further enhanced by LED linear lighting, creating a dynamic visual effect that adds an unexpected dimension to the exterior. The optical illusion achieved through this combination of materials and lighting ensures that the level of transparency varies depending on the viewer’s distance from the building. Not only does this create a captivating visual experience, but it also allows for a visible shop window and ample natural sunlight to permeate the interior without causing overheating.

Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios
Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios

Oshinowo Studio, founded by Lagos-based Nigerian architect, Tosin Oshinowo in Lagos in 2013, has built an international portfolio spanning individual houses, pavilions, commercial and cultural venues, community housing, and large-scale humanitarian projects. Their ethos revolves around human-centered design, culture, and climate, with a core mission to enhance the ways people live.

Oshinowo Studio’s commitment to sustainable and functional design is evident in the additional features incorporated into the adidas flagship store. A steel frame and glass extension, a solar power system, a sewage treatment plant for waste water reuse, and an advanced air conditioning system contribute to the store’s eco-friendly profile. The retention of existing 25-year-old Roystonea regia trees adds a touch of greenery, while the addition of a basketball half court and entertainment stage creates opportunities for customer events and activations.

“We have relished the opportunity to create
a scheme that combines our love of Lagos and of Nigerian contemporary culture, with our global perspective and approach. Our design is inspired by the city ’s resilient, adaptable and go-getter resolve, building a place of convergence for sports and culture.”

Tosin Oshinowo | Founder of Oshinowo Studio

The project not only showcases Oshinowo Studio’s architectural prowess but also provides adidas with a platform to collaborate with contemporary Nigerian artists. Chinelo Ezewudo, Osa Okunkpolor, Dennis Osadebe, and Ayoola Gbolahan have infused the store with a unique artistic perspective, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere that defines the Lagos urban experience.

Interior view of Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios
Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios
Basketball half court and entertainment stage.
Interior view of Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios
Street view of Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios
Night view of Adidas flagship store by Oshinowo Studios

The adidas flagship store in Lagos stands not just as a retail space but as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in blending global brands with local identity. Oshinowo Studio’s creation is more than a store; it’s an immersive experience that celebrates the dynamic spirit of Lagos, reflecting the city’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and cultural richness.

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