Complexo Multiuso By Cite Architecture

The age old argument of vertical vs horizontal in property development rages on. While I maintain that the criteria for which is better is case specific and neither one can out do the other, some pundits do not share my view. However, an exemplary approach to a more horizontal typology can be found in this project.

Complexo Multiso designed by Cite Architecture, was crafted to integrate the user into the building at a scale that is much more approachable.
Divided into two courtyards, the complex offers retail and residential facilities adjacent to lettable office space. The simple idea was to scale down and create a balance between the user and the building, thus, creating a denser, more horizontal form as opposed to the typical vertical typology. While the argument can be made for land use the need to maximise this finite resource, in some parts of the world, we’re still some ways away from maximum capacity (sorry China). Thus, Complexo Multiso would be a welcome fit with an inviting ambience and an open airy feel as one makes their way through its well vegetated courts.

The complex features 3 major, yet somewhat independent facilities, A hotel, A commercial Building and A corporate building. The extensive use of metal louvers, other sunshading devices and green roofs creates an adequate level of thermal comfort for the interiors of each of these facilities. The orientation and positioning of hotel, allows road access which inadvertenly seperates the foot traffic that seeks to make use of the complex. The grand court on the ground floor features an interconnected web of landscaping, moving seamless with pavings and walkways that lead into the other two facilities. The commercial building then divides the court in two from the first floor effectively seperating the corporates spaces from the residential and others.

Its a laudible Idea that has been executed very thoughtfully, does it have its limitations and drawbacks? most certainly, but that doesn’t stop it from being great architecture.
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