307 Adeola Odeku Office in Lagos by NLE Works Updates an Old Building with a New Facade

If you’re fairly conversant with Victoria Island, then you might know this building on the corner of Adeola Odeku, which has been redesigned by Kunle Adeyemi’s NLE.

Simply called “307 Adeola Odeku Office”, (which I’m sure may have a new name once the project reaches completion) This renovation project sees a popular, partly derelict retail structure get a new lease of life as prime office space in one of the most prime commercial streets in Lagos.

The redesigned exterior facade carries a new, engaging character that is has a unique, contemporary, tropical feel to it. The renderings also show quite a bit of brick or stone on the approach/entrance area which would be a welcome departure from all the aluminium panelling thats prominent on virtually all the buildings in that neighbourhood. Lets just hope this doesn’t change halfway through. Theres also the multimedia screen right at the front of the building just above the entrance, which would definitely be a ‘cashcow’ for brands looking for exposure but also add some ‘hightech’ to the toned down aesthetic of the renovation.

We also see what appears to be a roof top cafe or restaurant in the scheme, which is a nice touch to tone down the typical, corporate seriousness of the island. A bit of vegetation features here and there, but I do wish there was more, much much more, integrated within the scheme and its immediate environment, but in all, its a welcome development for the structure.

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