The Naman Retreat Beach Bar by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Here is yet another component of the Naman retreat, a green resort complex in Vietnam that is home to two other projects we’ve featured previously; Pure Spa by MIA design and The Babylon Hotel by Vo Trong Nghia Architects.

This is the beach bar, also designed Vo Trong Nghia Architects. Nodding to the resorts visual and material language of greenery, stone and bamboo, the beach bar offers a sheltered semi open space where guests can relax and enjoy their drink in front of a nice infinity pool and with a direct view to the beach.

Bamboo and Stone make up most of the bar’s deliberately simple structure. The stone caters to the service facilities and storage area of the bar, also functioning as a part of the bearing support for the thatch covered roof, which brings us to the pièce de ré·sis·tance, the bamboo structure of the roof.  As the architects describe it,

The main structure of the pitched roof is created by eight bamboo frames. Each of these frames consist of bended and straight bamboos that are connected by bamboo nails and ropes. These frames are designed perpendicular to the beach which allows the wind to go through the whole bar providing a nice breeze from the sea.

The bamboo poles used for the structure and roof were all naturally treated on site via a process consisting of the bending by fire, soaking in water and fumigation. This procedure took 4 months, to achieve better quality of the bamboo. After this process, the frames were assembled on the ground to ensure precision and quality while reducing construction time.

The aesthetic of the elegant bamboo structure covered in thatch is a perfect fit for the ambience of the resort, evoking that tropical image and relaxation that comes with that atmosphere.

Z:Projects156- The Empire_Da Nang12_printDrawing for publish Site_Plan Floor_Plan Section_02 Southwest_Elevation Section_01 04_thach-roof-and-landscape 05_approach-view 06_semi-outdoor-cafe 07_bamboo-structure-covers-bar 08_interior-of-bar-towards-beach 10_bar-space 11_detail-of-bamboo 09_bamboo-column 03_elevation-view 02_night-view[via archdaily]

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