MADDHouse Innovation Hub Adopts Shipping Containers in an Inventive Way

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MADDHOUSE, a innovation hub for students at the University of Lagos, is an inventive building made from shipping containers which embodies African creativity and sustainability. The building marks the completion of the first phase of the University of Lagos water front redevelopment.

In 2018, Nigerian Architecture practice Ruban Office were tasked with creating a masterplan for the waterfont of the University of Lagos. Working with a site filled with rare bio-ecosystems, and air thick with salt water from the lagoon was a huge challange. Led by Stephen Ajadi, the masterplan was developed far beyond the aims of a waterfront facelift but as a scheme geared towards the creation of an innovation ‘village’ for some of the univeristy’s most creative students across domains of knowlege.

The MADD House being the first of five phases, embodies the ethos of the redevelopment scheme which seeks to embrace a circular economy. The waterfront will be built entirely of re-used materials without any invasive measures on the ecosystem on site. The use of shipping containers was clearly a nod to this as well the coastal, commercial nature of Lagos, besides being a practical fit for the salt water within the location. Serving as an art gallery, the MADDHouse also adopts a bold use of colour and materiality, opting for tyrolean finishes as well as the the exposed corrugated steel walls of the containers. An expansive butterfly roof encloses the central atrium which also serves a central gathering / event space. The industrial aesthetic combined with more traditional construction methodologies and finishes makes for a very eclectic blend- a fine backdrop for the art which the hub intends to host.

The MADDHouse Development Team:

  • Architects: Ade Shokunbi, Tuoyo Jemerigbe, Stephen Ajadi
  • Engineers: SOP LLC
  • Project Developer: Bayo Omoboriowo
  • Photography: Daniel Pelumi Gideon

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