Living the Noom is a Sanctuary of Wellness, Sustainability and Flexible Living Designed by Sanzpont Architecture.

NOOM is a refuge, an organic and visionary concept that aims for wellness. Creating something exceptionally radical, Sanzpont Architecture sought to evolve housing to foster a more nature-inspired way of life. A Sanctuary of conscious life.

Wellness Living

Today’s homes are built in a way that makes us more prone to physical and emotional illness. On the contrary, Wellness Living centres design to prevent health problems and cultivate healthier lifestyles. A healthy home must be designed following several aspects grouped into 10 main concepts: Air | Water | Nourishment | Light | Movement |Thermal Comfort | Sound | Materials | Mind | Community. To achieve wellness in every aspect we designed Wellness type amenities.

Sustainable Wellness

We have the duty of coexisting instead of destroying the environment. That is the reason why we have decided to occupy a maximum of 30% of the land, respecting the existing trees and increasing the total green area by 130%. The project promotes, through passive and bioclimatic design, the reduction of resources use, with the aim of achieving a more sustainable housing. Other strategies used:

  • All interior spaces are illuminated by natural lighting
  • Cover with Thermal Insulation to prevent thermal transmission
  • The design promotes natural ventilation to renew the indoor air, ensure comfort and a healthy environment.
  • Water control and measurement
  • Selection of responsible and local materials with environmental impact
  • Minimize the amount of waste in construction
  • Preservation of existing trees
  • Cohabiting with fauna.

Flexible Living

We design a flexible living, an open plan building that can be configured with multiple options according to the user’s needs. To achieve this, MEP systems run through the exterior between the outer wall and the bamboo exterior skin occluded by the vegetation layer.

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