Lee And Tee House by Block Architects Weaves Spaces and Gardens

Lee and Tee House is a residential renovation project by Block Architects.  Located on a very narrow plot measuring 72m2, this two bedroom house features a white metal framed exterior specially crafted to optimize daylight, natural ventilation, while acting as a trellis for growing plants.

It’s an exterior that works. The metal framing continues inside, being used for the staircase, the open shelf, and still continuing to the top. The homeowners, who happen to be manufactures of handcrafted leather products, wanted the new home to reflect and accommodate what they did as “meticulous craftsmen”. They describe it as having every of it’s part carefully joined, “old ones and new ones, separate ones and shared ones, together with wood, brick, concrete, metal and trees”. According to them, the house appears to have been sewn with thin, white, pure thread.

Truly, as mentioned in the first paragraph, the frame continues inside, connecting different parts of the house together, from the bottom to the top, and back. Just like the metal frame, the outdoor garden flows into the interior with indoor trees, green areas and an extensive vertical garden at the rear of the house. It’s a tropical goodness and a reflection of why we love Vietnamese architecture

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