Kinetic Art Sculpture proposal by Mask Architects reflects space and time

Project Name
Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture
Project location
Mexico City, Neuchâtel’s Cuadrante Polanco
Architecture Firm
Mask Architects
Lead Design Architects
Öznur Pınar ÇER , Danilo PETTA
Team Members
Öznur Pınar ÇER , Danilo PETTA , Derya GENC
Render and Animation Studio
Genc Design Studio by Derya GENC
MIRA and Massiv Art
Structural Engineers
Arup Group; Erkan Şahin
Collaboration and 3D Printing Company
150 m2

Mask Architects has proposed a public artwork termed “Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture”; selected as one of 5 finalists among 340 international projects for MassivArt & MIRA investment (a real estate company, in Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City).

The Kinetic art sculpture is the first spiral interactive movement and rotating lattice loop structure in the world; with art panels that react to human movements and surrounding environmental features. The bending of spacetime inspires the uninterrupted curving loop of the structure – to represent sustainability, environmental innovation, technology, urban wellness and a sense of belonging.

An interactive Kinetic art sculpture

The sun’s direction and human movement power its interactive nature during the day. And at night, an intrinsic program called the Arduino electronic card and system controls the panels digitally. It’s dynamic, hence the name “Alive Structure”. It reflects a powerful stance of bravery on the plaza, a mission Mask Architects sought to achieve.

Inspired by the blackhole

The Blackhole is a phenomenon that tells the story of the structure; That is, it embodies Spacetime Curve Bending as an uninterrupted circle way and 4d dimension in space. This curvature created in ‘SPACE and TIME’ has an extreme spiral loop. It becomes an infinite loop in space after a certain point. The spiral structure of the kinetic art sculpture draws inspiration from this phenomenon. It features a timeless architectural spatial curvature form and an uninterrupted curve revolving around the form.

The uninterrupted form takes shape with the lattice steel primary structure. The path around the curvature is where the users can experience all forms of spatialities. It represents time. However, the space within the main loop structure represents the black hole. This installation is the first kinetic art sculpture to explore the “black hole” concept and “time changing in timeless” concept.

Users can take an imaginary trip within a black hole, as the structure gives the feeling of intergalactic adventures. That is, the interactive structure would draw attention from the movements of visitors passing by the pavilion; and invite them to perceive the entire experience. People will see the immersive structure from any point on the site and the surrounding buildings; and interact with the kinetic lighting installation and modular movements of the structure. Furthermore, it gives a sense of being in space and experiencing timeless emotions and never-ending time.

According to the designers,

The concept of moving through space is something not experienced; yet we want everyone to experience it. The movement of the lights with the structure and panels will create a futuristic art installation to celebrate human innovations and the progress in science, technology and lifestyle. They will also feel that it’s new hope for the future. It also represents future emotions and a new prospect. While the human looks at our design structure, they feel that it’s the future, it’s new hope for the future.

Programmable and adaptable systems

The kinetic art sculpture is placed 1 meter above the site’s landscape. It’s directed towards the angled East to Westside to collect solar energy for the rotation of its modules. And in addition, to provide a welcoming view to the users. Rectangular kinetic modules fill the main body of the structure made with lattice steel elements. Each of the rectangular kinetic modules will provide rotation around themselves; at the pivot points on the left and right side of the loop structure.

The spiral lattice loop structure measures 750cm wide, 450cm deep, with a middle width of 650cm. Mask Architects finished the inner surface with “black dark-glassy” solar panels on the inside; and “mirrored Stainless Steel-painted aluminium” rectangular brick pieces on the outside. In addition, both colours of the materials move together to create fascinating visualizations.

1300 panels of the steel pieces and solar panels will be optimized as they rotate according to the sun’s movement. That is, as they rotate from the pivot points throughout the day, they’ll store up electricity for the general requirements of the site. The panels feature programmable and adaptable systems for non-predictive conditions. This system corresponds to the required environmental conditions by maintaining sustainability and high technology advanced usability. In short, it provides not only a functional structure, but a liveable one.

Like in black hole animation effects; the lighting installation and design will have fluent, uninterrupted loop effects on the edge of the primary structure. The edge of the rotated lattice loop structure has an aluminium and LED profile to provide LED strip lighting. Through the Uninterrupted flow of light effects, there will be a realistic black hole light animation at night and day. One could say the lighting installation is provided for the wondering emotions of the people. It brings them around the kinetic art sculpture and helps them enjoy it. Furthermore, the interactive lighting installation and animation will provide a larger set of cultural destinations.

Products in the structure

Brand: Hunter Douglas.

Product: Roller Shades – RB500 Manual

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