Ghana Rising: The Majestic Villaggio Vista by AHMM in Accra, Ghana.

Iconic and contemporary are words i’d use to describe this project. The AHMM designed Villaggio Vista is exceptional in its distinctive form and striking facade, inspired by the traditional Ghanian Kente Fabric.

The core of AHMM’s approach was to craft a high-rise building with minimal energy consumption in the hot tropical climate of Accra. As a mixed use development villaggio offers over 200 apartments, a commercial office component, retail spaces as well as the luxury staples such as a rooftop swimming pool, gym and restaurant. With a growing demand for luxury living in Ghana, the villagio vista is a timely development ( as well as a very pricey one).
Traditional Kente that formed the basis of the projects striking aesthetic

Villaggio-II-aerial-view villagio_accra_ahmm011008_2 sketch 3 sketch 2 1

Three magnificent residential towers, named azure, aqua and alto rise around a central garden with the goal of standing as environmentally efficient structures within a grand complex.

Azure was the first tower of the three to rise, standing at 17 storeys. It is currently ready for occupancy with both three and four bedroom apartments on offer as well as two penthouse typologies. It also boasts an elegant entrance lobby and a roof top pool and terrace area from which to enjoy breathtaking views of Accra.

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Villaggio II in Ghana Shortlisted for Two Awards

The next tower to rise was Aqua. Its 7 storeys make it the smallest of the three structures, but regardless it offers exquisite and spacious 2 and 3 bedroom apartments as well as a rooftop pool and green terrace area.

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The Flagship of the project would most likely be the Alto Tower. Designed to rise to 30 storeys, the Alto would not just be the highest of the 3 towers, but, quite possibly the tallest building in West Africa, becoming a new landmark for the country and the continent.
It would offer 3 Bedroom apartments that have an extra room for maid servants or rentage by the residents, as well as a superb Luxury 5 Bedroom Penthouse with large spaces and terraces.
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Interior spaces are also masterfully fitted out and offer a palette of sorts upon which to create a truly luxurious home.


Interiors of Trasacco Villaggio Vista, Accra, Ghana 2011

Interiors of Trasacco Villaggio Vista, Accra, Ghana 2011

Interiors of Trasacco Villaggio Vista, Accra, Ghana 2011


Though not 100% complete, the villagio vista is already a landmark both locally and globally as its already in the running for numerous international awards. It provides a departure from the typical ‘luxury’ offerings one may find in Ghana and forges a new path of high rise luxury construction, a relatively new frontier of the African Continent.

Images courtesy allford hall monaghan morris architects (AHMM) and skyscraper city

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