Designed by KMD architects for the heart of Santa Fe, Mexico the multi-use Garden Santa Fe buries 6000+ sqm of shopping and entertainment facilities and three levels of parking space without impacting the city’s green lung above ground.

Nor are shoppers plunged into cold darkness thanks to deep, glazed conical skylights that provide tons of natural light and warmth. The sprawling underground mall features a bevy of shops and entertainment areas, as well as enough parking to tuck away 1600 cars. Aboveground, revelers will be oblivious to all this as they enjoy Santa Fe’s central park complete with water features, trees, a jogging track, grass and a performance area.

Far from a dungeon, large, glazed conical lights will funnel light into the mall without creating excess solar gain. The green-roof (the park) will insulate the building and reduce the need to air-condition the facility. Natural ventilation will ensure superior air quality and temperature, which combined with on-site solar electric facilities create one of Mexico’s most sustainable buildings.


KMD Architects’s Sante Fe urban park and shopping/entertainment center in Mexico City is considered one of the most innovative projects in the urban renewal program of Mexico City. KMD’s design provides a creative solution that balances public, private and government interests. The project features retail and entertainment needs below a park with functional parking, while combining an ingenious sustainable approach to the re-design of the open green spaces.

By promoting energy conservation and creating spaces and environments which improve human health and performance, the project brings nature and sustainability into everyday public experience. KMD’s intervention transformed the project into one of Mexico’s most energy efficient buildings and Garden Santa Fe has become a vibrant city center for the booming neighborhood.