Exploring A Modern Office Space In Lagos by ISD Studio

  • Architect: ISD Studio
  • Project type: Institutional
  • Client: Indigem
  • Photography: ISD Studio & Luxury Interior Image Ng
  • Location: Nigeria

In the fast-paced world of business, the workspace we inhabit plays a crucial role in our productivity and creativity. ISD Studio, a Lagos-based architectural firm, created this serene modern office space to help their client stay motivated.

At first glance, this modern office space gives off an enigmatic aura. The fact that the major fittings and fixtures such as the floor-to-ceiling shelf, see-through divider, side tables and kitchenette cabinetry were all done in dark shades, greatly contributes to the overall outlook of the office.

The choice of colors in this workspace, including brown, black, white, and grey, is carefully planned to create a balanced and sophisticated atmosphere. Colours have the power to influence our emotions and actions. Here, the dominant dark colors like black and brown contribute to a focused and serious ambiance, which is well-suited for a professional setting.

One remarkable aspect of this minimalist office is its thoughtfully zoned layout. The workspace is divided into three distinct zones: the working area, the leisure area, and the dining area. Each zone serves a specific purpose, optimizing functionality and efficiency. The contrast between the formal working area, the leisure space, and the dining area adds layers to the workspace’s character.

Floor plan showing the layout of the Dark-Themed Workspace on the right
Floor Plan showing 2D Layout of office

In the working area, ISD Studio, paired an executive table with a stylish brown and black chair, creating a functional executive area. The long, dark grey and white table exudes professionalism and provides ample workspace, while a large window bathes the area in inviting natural light.

Flanking the working area on the left is a black floor-to-ceiling shelf that serves as storage and display for complementary decoration pieces. Opposite the shelf is a black side table hosting desk lamps with a framed artwork mirroring the general theme of the office. These elements serve not only as decorative accents but also as functional pieces that make the modern office space clutter-free.

Image of side table in Modern office space for Indigem by ISD Studio
Side tables with desk lamps

In contrast, the leisure area adopts a more relaxed layout. It includes a patterned black area rug, surrounded by an ash chaise sofa and two brown and black visitor seats. This arrangement is set opposite a grey textured wall, which serves as the backdrop for the TV.

View of Modern office space for Indigem by ISD Studio

At the far end of the modern office space, is the dining area. It features a kitchenette with black cabinetry and fittings and a 4-seater dining table and is partly defined by a black see-through dividing panel. This partition not only adds a touch of drama but also maintains an open and connected feel within the space.

View of dining area in modern office space for Indigem by ISD Studio

Also softly demarcating the different zones are two identical side table setups. The setup, which is also in the working zone, is in between the leisure area and the kitchenette. These side tables not only serve as functional additions but also act as subtle markers, separating the distinct functional areas within the workspace.

One other interesting aspect of this modern office is how ISD Studio ensured that the space benefitted optimally from the large windows in each zone of the office. The roller blinds on each window would allow the user to control lighting as needed. The light from the windows balance out the dark theme and reduce the risk of feeling confined.

Image of floor-to-ceiling shelf in modern office space for Indigem by ISD Studio

The floor, done in rich brown wooden material, alongside the white ceiling and skirting offer warmth and contrast beautifully with the neutral color scheme. The TV and framed pictures on the grey textured wall opposite the storage shelf add visual interest and personality.

In summary, this modern office space merges refinement with effectiveness, building a productive and imaginative space. The deliberate layout, balanced colour scheme, and meticulous detailing highlight the profound impact of interior design.

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