Check Out These Stunning Sustainable Ecodomes In Morroco With Anti-Seismic Features

Villa Maroc, a Morrocan family-owned hospitality business, took things up a notch by developing a country guest house – Les Jardins De Villa Maroc featuring the Ecodomes. They are dome-shaped suites of different sizes and capacities that not only improve the hospitality experience but contribute positively to the sustainability goals of the built environment.

Just 15 minutes from Essaouira, in the heart of a Thuya forest, Villa Morac developed Les Jardins De Villa Maroc. This country guest house offers a unique blend of enchanting surroundings, privacy, and comfort to its guests. The pool, the restaurant, and the 11 dome-shaped suites with king-size beds are all designed to provide a discreet and memorable stay.

Ecodomes by Villa Maroc

Opened in 2020 after two years of construction, these Ecodomes are a testament to sustainable architecture. Constructed from local materials found in the region of Essaouira, these dome-shaped suites are naturally anti-seismic and autonomous in energy. Each room is an individual Ecodome, ensuring the privacy of every guest while contributing to the sustainability goals of the built environment.

The dome shape of the Ecodomes not only blends with their local environment aesthetically, but they are also environmentally responsive. The shape of each dome has made it naturally anti-seismic and the earthen material used in making them keeps the heat away during summer and stores warmth in the winter. They are visually assisted by an intentionally planned and decorated landscape. Activity was created with symbols on each dome, changes in level on the landscape, vegetation and a beautiful interplay of materials and textures. This intention was extended to the interior spaces.

There are three types of suites within the Ecodome village. There’s the double room – a studio suite with an adjoining dressing room; the Superior room – with an adjoining living room and dressing room; and the Connecting room – a cluster of ensuite ecodomes connected by a living room. What is notable with the decor of each space is the traditional bohemian vibe that includes an interesting overlay of rattan, wood and textile materials.

Villa Maroc is not just a hotel. Since 1995, this family-owned hospitality business has been creating a unique experience for guests. With a focus on Moroccan hospitality, the Ecodomes are a true showcase of sustainable tourism, marrying the traditional with the innovative, and creating a hospitality experience unlike any other.

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