This Residential Development in Abuja by NLE Works Seeks To Optimise the Typical Nigerian Roof Structure

the lush mabushi residential development
Famous for the Makoko Floating school, Arc.Kunle Adeyemi is also founder of NLE (which is Yoruba for “at home”) an architecture, design and urbanism pratice which focuses primarily on developing cities. NLE does some amazing work and many are none-the-wiser about the award winning Architect’s other design triumphs, such as this residential project in the Mabushi district of Abuja. 
The concept is a thought provoking one that seeks to question the commonplace practice of large, often wasted roof spaces in ‘contemporary’ residential design within Abuja and Nigeria as a whole.
the simple idea
Taking into account the climatic conditions of Abuja, the design seeks to improve efficiency  by inverting the typical “oversized roof structures” and converting it into habitable space. The innovative solution offers an insulated roof protecting the home during the hot and humid season of the year as well as a wood clad box which serves as a canopy of sorts during the cooler season. With this juxtaposition of geometry, a three floor atrium is created where both spaces meet, flooding the core of the building with an abundance of daylight. This core serves as the living area. 
space and structure analysis of the proposed unit
The building form and orientation provides efficient spaces that have sufficient thermal insulation to make for comfortable living. These steps consequently reduce long term energy costs, which to quote the architects, are “typically lost in air-conditioning”.
an evening rendering of the semi-detached duplex
masterfully designed landscaping with SLIGHTLY SLOPING walled-berms providing privacy for each of the units as well as beautiful vegetation
On a masterfully designed site, with 7 semi-detached duplexes of the same unique style and complexity surrounded by lush vegetation, boasting the ‘basic’ amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, bar, and childrens daycare, this development by NLE offers an estate unlike the plethora available within,  not only the city of Abuja, but the cities of the country. Design well done.
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