“Contained” in Lagos Pt.2: Dunlop Service Center Made out of Shipping Containers Under Construction

Remember the office building made of shipping containers in Lagos which we featured last year? Well, it turns out its a Lekki Dunlop Service center (hence the colours).

The construction is being handled by Integrated Motion systems ltd and is nearing completion. Take a look.

IMG_20151023_121824 IMG_20151023_121702 IMG_20151023_121415 IMG_20151023_115344 IMG_20151023_115413 IMG_20151023_115438 IMG_20151023_115523 IMG_20151023_115511 IMG_20151023_121333 IMG_20151023_120248 IMG_20151023_120144 IMG_20151023_120134 IMG_20151023_121100 IMG_20151023_120428 IMG_20151023_120354 IMG_20151023_120337 IMG_20151023_120323 IMG_20151023_121007 IMG_20151023_121025 IMG_20151023_120925 IMG_20151023_120903 IMG_20151023_120822 IMG_20151023_120855 IMG_20151023_120734 IMG_20151023_120608 IMG_20151023_120527 IMG_20151023_120543 IMG_20151023_120639_1CS IMG_20151023_120705 IMG_20151023_120503 IMG_20151023_121558 IMG_20151023_121607 IMG_20151023_121546 IMG_20151023_121533 IMG_20151023_121833 IMG_20151023_121749


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