Compact Two Bedroom Container Home Made From 4 Shipping Containers by Tim Steele Design

This Two-story container home combines 4 shipping containers to create a compact, 111sqm, 2 bedroom residence on a site with a steep slope.

Developed by Tim Steele design in collaboration with Big Prototype, the home is structured with a 1200mm gap between the stacked containers. The top level features 2 Nos 40ft shipping containers and a generous deck that provide a total of 74 sqm of space. This accommodates a bedroom and full bathroom as well as an open plan living area along with the aforementioned deck. A spiral staircase connects to the lower level which makes use of 2 Nos 20ft shipping containers to create 37 sqm of space. This level accomodates the master suite with laundry and utility space.

The containers are topped with a simple lean-to roof enclosed with wood cladding which contrasts nicely against the corrugated steel walls.

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