Colourful Boxes: Beijing ArtBox by Tsai Design Studios Redefines the Live and Work Typology

An intriguing housing project by South African Tsai Design Studio, Beijing Artbox is a speculative project for the GBD Art District in Beijing, China.

The design is a modular unit that combines living, studio and gallery spaces for artists living and working in the district. This mixed-use arrangement empowers the artists to manage their own galleries and be self-sustaining. The studio space brings visitors into direct visual contact with the artist’s creative universe.

The developer’s requirement calls for 200 of these 500sq m art studios to be built on the old derelict industrial factory site in east Beijing, aiming to revive the area into a cultural hub.

diagram-1 diagram-2 diagram-3 diagram-4 diagram-5 diagram-6 art-box-image-10 art-box-image-5 art-box-image-2 art-box-image-1

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