Tropical Luxury: Oceanami Hotel Apartment Villas in Vietnam by MIA Design Studio

As I’ve overstated on so many occasions, one of my many passions as an architect is residential design with a bias towards affordable mass housing.

As a Nigerian, growing up in our tropical climate, I’ve always been intrigued by architecture with a tropical character which sometimes contrasts the style of architecture from other less tropical parts of the world and other times, blends them all together. The Oceanami Villas by MIA design studio is a perfect example of this fusion. Proposed for Long Hai, Vietnam, the development is made up of luxury residential bungalows that masterfully balance the concept of a space being both indoor and outdoor.


Looking at the layout above, one can see that the transitions are seamless. The L-shaped residence dances around a central swimming pool/garden, that one can barely distinguish from the main living/dining area of the home. More pools of water surround the home adding to the ambiance and thermal comfort of this tropical masterpiece. Add that to the green roofs and plethora of trees and vegetation that engulf the home and you have a truly tropical getaway.



The tropical character is also very evident in the (more) interior spaces. While most of the furniture is minimalist contemporary, the use of a certain patterned, screen board adds a peculiar texture and style to it. Combining that with what looks like a bamboo or rattan ceiling with wooden battens further accentuates the spaces. I especially like how the patterned screen is used with the furniture to create something original and unique. living+indoor+(7) living+indoor+(6)-1 living+indoor+(5)-1 living+indoor+(4)-1 living+indoor+(3)-1 living+indoor+(2)-1 living+indoor+(1)master+1-1 bedroom+3+villa3br-1 Bedroom+1+RESIZED Bedroom+1+(3)-2

master+2-1 Bedroom+1+(2)-2


While the images above are all 3d visualisations, I’m fairly confident in what MIA Design Studio can bring to life, especially if you take into account their work for the PURE SPA in the Naman Retreat also in Vietnam.

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