Caribbean Courtyard Villa in Costa Rica by Studio Saxe Features a Network of Angular Pergolas

Project Details
  • Architects: Studio Saxe
  • Area: 495 sqm
  • Year: 2021
  • Photographs: Andres Garcia Lachner
  • Builder: Cr-Eco
  • Structural Engineer: APÉSTEGUI+BLAIR
  • Electromechanical Engineer: CIEM
  • Landscape Architecture: Saxe Landscape
  • Design Director: Benjamin G. Saxe
  • City: Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
  • Country: Costa Rica

Studio Saxe weaves tropical pergola in the jungle of the Caribbean coast of Puerto Viejo, Limon.

Pavilions were joined through a woven network of pergolas that blend with the jungle creating a sense of unity through an internal courtyard. They designed a strategy of aggregation by creating a network of triangled pergolas that can grow or contract depending on the necessity of the client throughout the project.

This in turn allows for people to circulate and go to different rooms and private or social areas around the house while weaving through existing vegetation and jungle. Each room is a contained space that can be placed anywhere around the property.


The project was conceived as a series of objects placed around the property and within existing trees, it is also placed stepping down the mountain to allow for the topographic condition to be gentle with the built architecture.  Together with solar energy generation, water-efficient systems, and passive bioclimatic design, this project sets a new precident of design for the tropical region of the coast of Costa Rica.


Through a series of repeating triangles, the house was erected modularly and each individual private or public space was enclosed through walls and glass thus creating a sensation of a network that can continue growing in time.

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