Built: The Black Rhino Academy in Tanzania by NLE Works

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Barely a year after construction began (back in March 2017) the Black Rhino Academy in Tanzania designed by Kunle Adeyemi’s NLE Works, has completed its classrooms and dormitories, with the school hall still under construction.

Located in Karatu, Tanzania, on the outskirts of Ngorongoro Crater, the academy is intended as a primary and secondary boarding school, making use of indigenous planning principles that have been in place for millenia.

The design of the buildings in the academy feature bold geometric forms and a use natural materials brought to life in the final build by local artisans. The classrooms and dormitories are outfitted with custom Black Rhino Furniture, a full line of pieces also designed by NLE works including chair and table for students, bunk beds, shelves and cabinets, teachers desks and dormitory living room furniture. The furniture is fabricated on site in Karatu, Tanzania where the campus is currently under construction.

The images of the final build do justice to the initial renderings, bringing to life a concept that fits culturally and conforms beautifully to the landscape and topography of the site. See our previous feature on the design scheme here.





Images courtesy NLE Works


  • CLIENT: Black Rhino Academy
  • PROGRAM: Primary & Secondary School Campus
  • STATUS: Under Construction
  • TEAM: Kunlé Adeyemi, Farooq Adenugba, Marco Cestarolli, Bethan Nelson, Laura Rokaite, Berend Strijland
  • LOCAL ARCHITECT: Spacious Architects Partners
  • STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Bezzallel + Sam Lld.
  • MEP ENGINEER: Alpha Crown Electrics Ltd.
  • COST CONSULTANT: Cost Benchmark Arusha
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