Belle Vue is a Tropical Apartment Building in India by Ishwar Gehi

Designed by Architect Ishwar Gehi, this project focuses on the views and vista, by integrating vertical bungalows in nature with boundless views of blue water, shades of green landscape and scenic nature.

Belle Vue celebrates the blue, green and vivid colours of nature in the colourful city Rajkot, the fourth-largest city in the state of Gujarat, India. Belle Vue – the name suggests the concept of the project, where ‘Vue’ is a French word meaning ‘view’.

Designed by Architect Ishwar Gehi, this project focuses on the views and vista, where all the spaces expand in nature with boundless views of blue water, shades of green landscape and scenic nature. The architect works on a project in its entirety as not just the architect, but also the interior designer, landscape designer all in a bid to create a harmonious scheme that breathes as one. The project site is precious and unique as it is overlooking Nyari Dam, which is a lifeline of the city as well as a dazzling picnic spot. The nearby area of the site is flourishing with nature, and it is a major attraction for nature lovers and bird watchers. The site is treasured with the mesmerizing views of Nyari dam and surrounding agricultural farms. Respecting the immense potential of site and context, the architect designed sensitively to provide experiential living where architecture fulfils the need of an hour and allows living in harmony with nature.

The concept of vertical bungalows emerges and vertical stacking created instead of spread along the ground, where the landscape is woven carefully with the spaces. The advantage of moving vertically is to take the maximum benefits of the location to have breathtaking and boundless views of the Nyari dam and surrounding nature. The landscape is the key element of the project to merge architecture and nature as it allows spaces to expand, where large landscaped terraces and double height landscape spaces generate a sense of living in the bungalow.

At Belle Vue, architecture and people celebrate nature with changing seasons and time along with sunrise and sunset as all the major spaces are opening out in nature. Architect’s command to design facade and landscape gives the project a sensitive holistic approach, where the simplicity of design and controlled proportion creates harmony in architectural language. Rather than monotonous apartment box look, the monolithic sculptural aesthetic of building redefines the language of vertical living by adding green in the skyline of Rajkot. This makes Belle Vue one of the well-designed landmark projects in Rajkot.

Responding to the hot and dry climate of Rajkot site planning, building orientation and landscape designed, where west facade treated specifically. On the west facade opening of spaces avoided and continuous vertical jali is given, which allow hot air to cool down before entering into the inner void. There is a void between the two units, which acts as a cooling duct and provides passive cooling. The hot air is treated by landscaped terraces, jali and cooling duct before entering into living spaces to provide indoor comfort. All the spaces have cross ventilation and a buffer zone to reduce energy consumption. Design layout responds to climate as the layout of the house is liner and on the outer side buffer zone is created by landscaped terraces, while the void provides another buffer zone, so all the living spaces are protected.

An integrated design approach is followed to maximise the comfort inside the house, with the use of landscaped terraces. Use of water bodies and landscape provides comfort in hot summer and also allow architecture to merge with the context. All the spaces of the individual house enjoy views, and building layout provides comfortable spaces. Living, dining and kitchen area expanded with the large terraces and double-height balcony allow expansion of the bedroom. The green Facade is created by landscaped terraces, which provides comfort in a hot and dry climate and provide a magnificent view.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the serene environment, Belle Vue celebrates nature at its best. It was designed as a weekend vertical bungalow and gradually people have made it their first home. Within the city, it provides individual their own space to rejoice and rejuvenate and nurture the soul where architecture submerges with the landscape and nature.

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