An Oasis For the Elderly: Conceptual Home Farm Residential Project in Singapore by Spark Architects

This is a conceptual design solution to a world wide challenge, but, made to suit Singapore in this case. What problem? The fact that Singapore imports 90% of its food supply combined with its rapidly aging population that is not meaningfully engaged.

Apparently, one in five of Singaporeans will be 65 or over by 2030, thus, placing a greater strain on infrastructure and resources. A similar scenario is expected in many other parts of the world. To respond to this, Spark has created a unique residential typology that combines flexible urban housing and large scale vertical urban farming to create high density ‘home farms’ which would maximise scarce land and would also offer retired senior citizens part time employment right at their doorstep.

The design takes a curvilinear form with various residential units stacked in a terraced formation along which rows and shelves of vegetables are grown in specially designed rainwater catchment screens that support vegetative growth and also shade the units that sit behind them. This gardening activity would not only create personal income for the aged residents but also help to create sense of community and purpose, offering a healthy, more interactive alternative to the contemporary ‘old-peoples home’.

A plethora of other green features such as aquaponic systems, plant waste energy production etc will all go hand in hand to create what may just be the next generation of urban retirement housing.

[via a as architecturesparkdesignboom]

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