A Web of Brilliance: One Airport Square in Accra by Mario Cucinella

Designed by award-winning and sustainability architect, Mario Cucinella, One Airport Square is a mixed-use building in one of Accra’s  commercial nerve centers, a walking distance from some of the most important landmarks of the city, including the airport.

The building covers about 17,000 sq m which houses ground floor retail space and a ten-storey office block. Touted as “Ghana’s most advanced development” this ultra-modern, eco-friendly building carries a unique identity with its striking facade- a web of concrete columns that are both decorative and functional. It is said to be the first green commercial building in West Africa with landscaped public gardens and a spectacular roof terrace.


As described by MCA, “ The building is characterized by a compact design that hides an interior atrium which has the function of providing light and facilitate natural ventilation in indoor environments. Predominant feature is the movement generated by the projections of the terraces, the size of which is reduced by climbing plan. Such variations in the section allow flexibility in the configuration of the environments. Another characteristic element is the concrete structure, whose inclined pillars give greater rigidity to the building and to the terraces, becoming decorative motif of the facade.

plans_groundfloor typicalFloorplan typical_spaceplan2 FloorToCeiling building_section AtriumSkylight 2-2-building_atrium building_1b outside2Typical-Office-Space outside One_Airport_Square_Accraconstrucion_site_01MCA_ Screen-Shot-2014-10-12-at-18.43.46-e1413136634757 One_Airport_Square_Accraconstrucion_site_03MCA_


Its nice to see such an iconic structure in Ghana. My only wish is to have more of such in the future designed by indigenous professionals, that would be the real icing on the cake.

For much more information on the building’s details and features, check out the destination’s official website.

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