A Modern White Kitchen Design And Build By Lagos-based Muji Muse Design

Interior Designer
Muji Muse Interior Design Company

Project Knightsbridge is a modern kitchen in Lagos, Nigeria, designed and built by Lagos-based Interior Designer Muji Muse Interior for a new home in Lekki.

modern white kitchen design and build by Muji muse design 01
A view of the Knightsbridge Kitchen showing appliances from Kitchenkraft and Lights from Oandsenergy.

According to the designer, the goal was to create a timeless kitchen with a luxurious aesthetic – one that encompasses sophistication and practicality. The kitchen opts for a clean, modern, and timeless look featuring white high-gloss HDF cabinets paired with a contrasting black granite countertop.

The cabinets are accessorized with minimalist black knobs and the floor finished with complimenting durable Spanish tiles. Three stylish pendant lights placed over the kitchen island – add style, color and texture to the space – with their geometric glass bulb design and incandescent glow. They also create a focal point in the average-sized kitchen that is very welcoming.

According to Omowunmi – the lead designer at Muji Muse Interiors – her favorite part of the kitchen is the sensor lights placed at the bottom of the cabinets, which automatically comes on when you walk into the kitchen. In addition to the pendant lights, they improve the user experience in the kitchen by providing additional lighting to the work areas.

modern white kitchen design and build by Muji muse design 04

When asked about any advice she can share on creating a functional and timeless kitchen – that one would always love – she advises to always use the highest quality materials. We’ll have to agree, as good quality materials transcend time. Project Knightsbridge is a truly modern and clean kitchen, one that showcases just how flattering a white kitchen can be. What are your thoughts on the Knightbridge kitchen?

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