A different Lagos: The Eko energy estate by ART Forum

I’m sure we’ve all heard about Eko Atlantic City, No!?, how can you not have heard of the multi-billion dollar development initiative that is looking to replicate Dubai in Nigeria? Sigh. Okay click here.
Well, if you have, I’m fairly certain you may or may not know about the Eko Energy Estate currently being developed by Intels. Its basically of 40+ Hectare development under construction at the north of Eko Atlantic city, bordering Victoria Island. Designed by ART Forum, a group of Romanian Designers, the estate boasts of all the usual bells and whistles, with an array of residential towers offering 1 – 5 bedroom options each featuring WiFi, Uninterrupted Power supply, Solid Securty and a host of amenities.
No doubt that this development would not be for every Tom, Dick and Jimi, so it begs the question, who is going to fill all these rooms and towers? Because its certainly not going to be your average Joe. On the flip side, it bodes well for the image of the state and the country as a whole, and is sure to attract expatriates from around the globe, (Ah! yes, they shall be filling up all those rooms)














Here’s a nice walk through video of the development.
In my research, I came across a previous design proposal for the estate development put together by MZArchitects, who apparently where involved in the planning and design of Eko atlantic city itself (See Here). It got me wondering what changed and why, but nonetheless have a look.



Here’s a project page from their online profile as well as a nice promotional video, to soak it all in.

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