Explore These Contemporary 4-bedroom Row Houses In Lagos By Design Catalogue

  • Designers: Design Catalogue
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Plot Size: 1400 sqm
  • Location: Ikoyi, Lagos

With commendable construction and a straighforward layout, Lagos-based Architects, Design Catalogue furnished the urban landscape with a multi-storey residential project dubbed the ‘Allamanda Terraces’. It’s an array of 5 units of 4-bedroom row houses with 2 units of three bedroom apartments on the pent floor.

The aim of the design was to provide homely comfort, aesthetics and a seamless connection to the outdoors. The homes feature an open-concept layout, sizeable windows and balconies as well as a roof deck for interactions with the outdoor.

Exterior photo of 4-bedroom Row Houses By Design Catalogue

Design Catalogue took a minimal and modern approach to the interior and exterior of the 4-bedroom row houses. They applied the basic material palette often associated with this style of architecture where there is usually something white, something wooden, something rough and something grey. The exterior design also visually demarcates each unit with its own set of massing elements. Parapet walls were employed to hide services, the roof and the roof deck.

Floor plans.

3D Renders.

The interior follows suit with simple and neutral coloured finishes and fixtures. On the ground floor, design catalogue opened the units of the 4-bedroom row houses with open-concept living areas that flow into an open kitchen with a pantry. This visually extends the space and allows for free flow of light and air from the front of the house, to the back. They also demonstrated a good sense of space planning by tucking the pantry under the staircase.

The first and second floor both house the private family areas including the family living room. The first floor hosts two ensuite bedrooms with dedicated closets, the family living room with a balcony and an ensuite staff room only accessible from the outside. On the second floor, the designers placed the master bedroom and a third, sizable room with ample balconies and a box room.

The pent floor of this development contains two sizeable three bedroom apartments each with three ensuite bedrooms and open concept living areas. Just like the units below, ample balconies are provided to encourage visual connections with the outdoors.

Design Catalogue’s ‘Allamanda Terraces’ in Lagos redefine modern living. With five 4-bedroom row houses and two 3-bedroom apartments on the pent floor, the focus is on comfort and a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. Open layouts, large windows, and balconies bring simplicity and sophistication to each unit. From ground-floor living to pent-floor luxury, Allamanda Terraces epitomize contemporary living in Lagos, blending thoughtful design with timeless comfort.

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