How the Lighting In Your House Can Lift The Overall Mood Of The Place

Ever noticed how the diffused, mild lighting in a spa makes you unwind and relax, which is in stark contrast to the alert, business-like feeling the bright white lights impart to retail stores?

While most people may experience this subliminally, it is a proven fact that the type of illumination in a place drastically influences our mood. It follows naturally that lighting also takes centre stage when designing or setting up your house. There usually is no ‘one size fits all’ formula given the fact that different spaces in a house would call for a different lighting theme. If you often find coming home doesn’t lift up your spirits as it should, these lighting ideas will brighten up your home, and more importantly, your mood!

Ceiling lights:

The most prominent source of radiance in a room is usually its central ceiling lights. Ranging from stylish pendant lights dangling overhead, to beautiful and brilliantly lit chandeliers, these lights can transform the ambience of any living room. Small LED ceiling lights can be fixed flush with the ceiling in the corners to add a softer radiance around the interior brighter lights. This highly frequented place in the house is best kept brightly lit to set an upbeat tone for the whole house.

15.77 pendant lights by ODESD2 Design Bureau

Wall lights:

Often used in complement to ceiling lights, wall light fixtures shine in their own way. Their luminescence gives added depth to ceiling lights, thus helping to showcase the room in its best light.  Confused about bedroom lighting? Wall lights are ideal for imparting that comfy atmosphere and relaxing environment one need on the quest for rest!

caxton alile living candy collection 2016 made in nigeria lamp collection alaba and idowu cane sconceshade
Wall Sconce-shades by Caxton Alilie Living

Floor lamps:

Typically used in living rooms and other, larger areas of the house, you can choose to add light (as well as a lot of character) to your room by placing a floor lamp in the corner. Some floor lamps come with multiple arms with a degree of flexibility to meet all of your lighting needs. They emit a diffused glow that will irradiate and transform many a dim hallway.

The Kubis Lamp Collection by Levantin Design


A favourite of interior decorators, spotlights are used to draw attention to items and features in a room. Be it a large painting, an elegant showcase or even a favourite couch, these bright lights will help chase the gloom away while highlighting the best features of your room. They are often adjustable and well suited for kitchens, hallways and workstations.

Table lamps:

Not sure about installing wall lights, and not enough space for floor lamps? Table lamps are the perfect solution! Depending on where they are placed, these smaller lights can pack a considerable punch. When positioned on side tables, on a console table or near any reflective surface, the glowing warmth these emit will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

The Esho Lamp by Damola Rufai

Your home (and your mood) will thank you for revitalising it with these simple but effective changes.

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