Flipping Your Older Home Into A Modern Masterpiece: The Step-By-Step Guide

Remodeling your home to give it a modern touch is an important step towards increasing the house’s look and value.

However, it is important to note that the process of flipping has a set of risks it poses to the health of the renovator. Some of the possible health risks posed include respiratory problems after breathing in chemicals like asbestos, lead radon, and other volatile organic compounds. It is important to address the issues and risks of compounds such as asbestos, lead-based paints, pests, and molds. The best way to ensure safety during renovation is by wearing the right PPE.

Unfortunately, renovators will also need to watch out for pest infestations as they’re tearing out cupboards, smashing through drywall and pulling up flooring. Finding ants, cockroaches and spider colonies is more of a nuisance than anything, but it becomes a very serious problem when you stumble upon something like termites. That’s why homebuyers purchasing an older home should always schedule a full home inspection with a professional like Joshua’s Pest Control before kicking the decorating and painting process into high gear. Below are several ways you can revamp your old home and give it a modern touch.

Incorporate open plan living

Incorporating an open-plan living room works in creating a modern look while still creating the impression of a bigger space. Most old homes have walls that separate different house parts, such as the kitchen and dining room. Before starting to bring down the walls, it is important to plan on the expected final product. Modern plans include having a bar to separate a kitchen from the living room, with modern rugs used to separate the dining space from a living space.

An Open Plan Living Area by Hyla Architects for their Cascading Courts Home in Singapore. Find out more about the project here.

Smart lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of any space in a house. Smart lighting enables the homeowner to have a lighting style that matches their moods and purpose, and the lights can either have automatic sensors to power the lights on or remotely controlled with the use of a smartphone. Other lighting components have Bluetooth connection abilities, making them compatible with most smart devices.

Replace carpets with brighter floorboards

Carpets are good for cold neighborhoods because they are warm, but they give a rustic look to a house. If you wish to do a complete revamp to your house, it is important to switch to floorboards to give the house a modern look and make the house easy to clean. Choosing a color shade depends on personal preferences, while it also depends on the size of the house and room. Bright shades make the house look larger, while darker shades make the house look more rustic.

SPC Flooring by Floor kraft in the home of popular Nigerian Youtuber Dimma Umeh. Explore her home here.

Install glass fittings

Having glass in the house is the easiest way to modernize your house. Glass can be used to open up a living room, as the bathroom door, and dining areas. The glass helps open up the house by creating a feeling of more natural light. When house separators and staircase support are made of glass, the house looks more open and spacious.

A Modern wood and steel staircase in the Umdloti House in South Africa by Bloc Architects. See more of the home here.

Use smart home devices

Cosmetic changes to your house can help modernize your house, but there is a need to go beyond the physical. The use of smart devices such as smart TVs and audio systems will help the modern touch. Smart home hubs help in automation and an easy feeling in the house. An assortment of devices can be used in automation and carry out tasks such as setting alarms, monitoring security devices, or playing music through voice command.

Refresh the walls

The most common ways of refreshing your walls for a more modern look are paint and wallpapers. Paint has different effects on the house’s final look, where dark shades can make your house look smaller, while light shades make rooms look more spacious.

The Dark shade of Blue makes for a cozy living room in this home in London by Amos Goldreich Architecture. Find out more about the project here

For a good impact on the walls, avoid overdoing the wallpaper, which may leave your walls looking too busy. Choosing to paint a single wall and leave the other plain leaves the house looking good and modern.

Open shelves

Open shelves can be useful in displaying photos and sculptures, which makes your house look more modern. The shelves can either be installed in the kitchen or living room, and they can serve both purposes of décor and more storage.

SMĪLE is a minimalist open shelving system made from recycled chopsticks and recycled construction steel. Find out more about this innovative product here.

Older houses have a cozy charm about them, but you may want your house to keep up with the changing trends with modernization. These pointers are guaranteed to give your house a modern facelift, but always make a point of consulting a professional, especially when making crucial installations.

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