customer single seating in Arami Cafe.

Exploring The Essence Of Functional Spatial Design Through Photography – Eyitayo Harrison

Space and functionality are crucial in architecture, forming the backbone of spatial designs that are both visually pleasing and purposeful.

In architecture, space isn’t just an empty canvas; it’s a dynamic tool manipulated by architects to evoke emotions, enhance functionality, and establish a unique ambiance. This thoughtful consideration of space deeply influences how people interact with and experience their surroundings.

Restaurant single seating in Arami Cafe.

Take Arami Café in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, for instance, situated opposite Access Bank. Despite its limited space, (a common scenario in Lagos, Nigeria) the spatial design allows for a free and enjoyable utilization of the area.

Arami Cafe brand sign.
Space saving restaurant seating with wall hung table.
Indoor bamboo plant in Arami Cafe.

In a restaurant, the staff and dining experience are as vital as the spatial design itself. As someone who appreciates fine dining, my time at Arami Cafe left a lasting impression. The courteous treatment of customers and the meticulous presentation of food compelled me, a non-food photographer, to capture not just the delightful scenes but the neatly served food.

English breakfast tray.
A tray of english breakfast on a white table.
Space saving restaurant furniture.
Restaurant single seating in Arami Cafe.
Arami Cafe wall branding with tagline.

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