A Guide To Enhancing Your Home With These Exterior Details

After investing money, time, and effort in making your home look up to scratch, now isn’t the time to stop and just let its quality wear down over time. The secret to keeping your property as polished as it was when you built it is to make sure you maintain it properly (aside, of course, from using top-notch materials and designing it with taste).

It’s not only the inside of the home that you should worry about—keeping in mind that it’s the exterior that people see the most and would often create the first impression. Enhancing your home doesn’t have to be a major project, though. Most of the time, you can even do a little touch-up every now and be surprised with how big of a difference it can make. Different parts of your property’s exterior need enhancing and improving from time to time. Not only will doing so extend their longevity but also, you can actually save more money as it prevents major renovations in the future.

Windows 101: From Normal to Exceptional

How long has it been since you last replaced your windows? It may be time to consider putting some thought into it. Windows can make or break the impact of your exterior style because they contribute largely to the overall curb appeal of any home. Replacing or enhancing your windows isn’t a big renovation in any way but, once you’re done with it, you’ll be surprised with how much value it has added to your property.

Projection Windows in Courtyard
In this Renovated home in Malaysia, large Windows help flood this interior courtyard with light and air. Explore the full project here.

There are several ways that you can transform your normal window design into an exceptional one. If you’re into DIY, you can replace them on your own with a little elbow grease. But if you want to be more accurate and make sure that everything will be done professionally, you can contact an exterior company like Nova Exteriors, especially if you live around the DC, Virginia, or Maryland areas. To get you started, here are some ideas and designs for window enhancement or replacement that you can choose from:

  • Try Awning Windows

Awning windows are perfect if you prefer to have a nice amount of airflow going into the house. Because these windows open up like casement windows but upside down, they somehow give the exterior a minimalist and more modern appeal. You also have several types of materials to choose from if you’ll go for awning windows. If you want a high-end material that can be customized, go for steel-framed or wood. Other popular material choices include fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum.

Awning Window in Bathroom
An Awning Window in a large bathroom within this family home in Vietnam by Ray Architecture. Explore the full project here.
  • Level Up with Decorative Crossheads

Decorative crossheads don’t just enhance the windows but also the overall look of your house. Depending on the style or pattern of the windows that you have, you choose to install plain or detailed crossheads that will surely draw attention to your exterior. The center or dentil trim of your crossheads can be accentuated with keystones to give them a more traditional look.

  • Repaint or Reframe

If you don’t feel like replacing the entire window, why not repaint or reframe them instead? Window frames are relatively easy to install, and you can choose from materials like composite, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. If the old frames can still be repurposed, you can consider using them as mirror or chalkboard frames inside the house.

Window with wood frame
Wood window frames add character to the bridge residence in Accra, Ghana by Mobius Architecture. Explore the full project here.

If repainting is what you have in mind, you can try adding a pop of colors if you want the frames to look more vibrant and alive. Of course, you still need to consider the interior design that your house has.

  • Enhance With Shutters

Interiors usually have blinds or curtains to accentuate the windows. Shutters also work the same way as curtains or blinds in a way that they cover the windows, except that they make use of more stable materials such as synthetic foam, faux wood, vinyl, and basswood. There are also different types of exterior window shutters to choose from. If you want something low-key and more traditional, you can check out raised panel, which is perfect for a Victorian, ranch, colonial, or Georgian style of house.

Another type of window shutter is louvered that works best on homes that are more casual, classical, or ornate in appearance. There’s also the Bahama style that’s installed at the top of the windows and is usually used in tropical and stormy regions.

If you want more information on windows but tend to get overwhelmed and confused with the many details online, why not go to the nearest window factory in your area? Seeking expert advice and recommendations would be best when looking at replacing windows for your home. 

A Large Array of Bifold Windows in The Window House in Malaysia by FormZero. See the full project here.

People with knowledge in the field can guide you to make the best decisions for the type of window you would prefer and the purpose it will serve. Of course, not all windows are suitable for all kinds of houses, and you would have to consider the architecture as well. When you meet experts, you can show them photos of your home so they can give you more accurate recommendations.

With so many options available for use, including aluminum framed windows, it may be challenging to choose the right one. Architecture aside, the type of window you install would give a whole new aesthetic to the home.

And just like the eyes are the windows of the soul, the windows of a home give a unique perspective to the people living there and outsiders looking in. Onlookers may admire the gorgeous views from afar, while residents of the home want the windows to remain clear and beautiful for a long time. Installing aluminum framed windows would provide just that. Even if the windows need to be custom made and ordered straight from the factory before installation, rather have the windows you desire than be unhappy in the long run.

On Doors and More: Creating A Grand Entrance

Another way that you can try to enhance your home’s exterior is to upgrade your doors. Your front door, particularly, should not only be an entrance but a grand one. Keep in mind that it’s the front door that’ll welcome your guests before you can even greet them personally, so it has to be something that’ll create an impression.

A truly grand entrance at Kehinde Wiley's Black Rock in Senegal
A truly grand entrance at Kehinde Wiley’s Black Rock in Senegal. Explore the full project here.

One simple trick to enhance your front door is to add color and style to it. You can choose to paint the whole door or just the trim of it. If you haven’t yet, install some outdoor lights to make the vibe warmer and more welcoming. You can also consider adding an overhang or a portico for your entryway for a more enhanced look. Plus, the portico will also protect your door from inclement weather.

A Bright Blue Front Door for this Mid Century Modern Home Remodel in California by Klopf Architecture
A Bright Blue Front Door for this Mid Century Modern Home Remodel in California by Klopf Architecture. Explore the full project here.

Here are other ideas to consider when giving your front door a makeover:

  • Change your door system: If you used to have a double door system, you could try changing it to a single door system with sidelights to enhance the exterior. You can add two boxed sidelights to make the entryway brighter and cozier.
  • Upgrade or add a new door style: You can also consider upgrading the style of your front door for a change. There are panel doors with the glass within the panels, arched doors that are perfect for a more distinct style, especially if you want one that’s customized, and barn-style or sliding doors that are mostly used for narrow access paths.
  • Get a new door handle: After repainting or redesigning your front door, don’t forget to buy a new handle for it. A chic and more eye-catching knob will surely level up the design of your front door. You can also look for one that already has built-in door locks and codes for easier access.

Aside from picking a door that’s aesthetically pleasing and will match your interior and exterior style, you should also consider its insulation, especially if you live in colder climates. You want your door to be properly insulated so as not to make your heating system less effective during cold seasons.

Transformation Through the Roof

If you’re up for some major upgrades, maybe you’d like to consider re-roofing the whole house. It may not be a glamorous exterior improvement, but after the project is done, you’ll be more than glad that you did it. Unlike the windows, decks, or other exterior components of your home, the roof won’t be noticeable by guests and even by you if you won’t really pay attention to it. However, enhancing or even replacing your roof can be more of an economic value than an aesthetic one. It’s because you’ll actually get to save on maintenance in the long run.

Transparent Roof tiles allow light penetrate into the core of the home
Transparent Roof tiles allow light penetrate into the core of the home. Explore the full project here.

A roof installation will be an opportunity to improve ventilation in your home. To make this possible, let your contractor know that you want to add ridge vents across the whole roof so that the attic (and the whole house) will be cooler. You’d also want to go for energy-efficient roof shingles to make your cooling system more effective and lower utility costs.

And since you’re already re-roofing your home, go all the way and install new gutters. Remember that gutters can misalign over time, and you have to admit; that’s not a pleasant sight. Choose a gutter system that won’t only add to the curb appeal of your new roof but is also low on maintenance. A good example would be a system with built-in curved hoods that basically allows rainwater to go down the curved hood then to the gutters while also sidetracking leaves so that they won’t clog, stain, or overflow the gutters.


When thinking of improving your home’s overall aesthetics, you shouldn’t just focus on the interior side of it. Rather, look at it from all perspectives so that you won’t forget how a simple enhancement can actually level up your property’s curb appeal. Your windows, for example, can be enhanced simply by repainting them or installing new shutters in them. The same thing goes with your front door—you don’t need to go as far as building a new entryway because just changing the door style can actually make the area more welcoming, vibrant, and stylish.

Enhancing your home’s exterior doesn’t have to involve huge costs or major renovations. At most, you can spruce up your outdoor appeal with a little redesigning here and there. It’s also a good idea to replace some exterior details such as the windows, your front door, and the roof. Take note that you’re not only giving your exteriors a new look but also, you get to revisit certain aspects of the house that already need maintenance and retouching, and you don’t even notice it.

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