6 Tips To Consider When Creating Your Home Office


As part of the efforts to make this lockdown season more bearable and effective, especially for most people working from home, I’d like to share how you can set up an inspiring home office space.

Having a home office is much more than fixing a table and chair. On days when it’s hard to find the motivation to be productive at home, having an amazing home office space could be all that you need to inspire productivity, with the addition of making your home look more appealing. A home office is really one of the easiest things to set up, although most people find the process daunting and tend to overthink it. Whether you have an entire room or just a tiny corner, here are 6 tips to have in mind when setting up a home office. Click Next to view.


Select a space that has ample sunlight and away from the general circulation of people, to minimize distractions.

The Filming Room/Office in the home of Nigerian Blogger, Dimma Umeh is bright and spacious.


Let your available space determine the style and consider being creative when constrained for space.


Select comfortable and work friendly furniture to work on, considering comfortable table and chair heights.


Apply rejuvenating colors that motivates you to work.

Storage space:

Include storage spaces, no matter how small to keep your space clutter free.

Built-in Study/Work Areas in one of the bedrooms of the Stepping Park House feature integrated storage.


Feel free to decorate your space with Knick knacks, potted plants, inspiring quotes etc that would lift your working spirit.

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