5 Tips for Setting Up a Dining Room Bar

If you’re looking for a fun and social way to add to your dining room, why not set up a home bar? Usually, a home bar is present in one of the most social parts of the home, which is why the dining room is a perfect choice, especially if you’re looking for a way to bring your friends and family together.

Having a central room where you can wine and dine freely is essential. When you’re trying to set up your own home bar, there are many things you can do to make it shine. Read through our top 5 tips for setting up your own dining room bar.

Make Your Bar Fun and Functional

When you’re planning to set up your own home bar in your dining room, you should be sure to plan appropriately to make sure that your space is not only fun but functional too. Plan your space so you can move around and use the bar easily, and remember to include space to store all of your favourite spirits, cocktail ingredients and glassware! If you want to, leave space on the other side of the bar for stools and other cheap furniture that friends and family can relax on while you serve up some great drinks.

Put Your Personality Into It

Your home bar will be the heart and soul of your home, the place you host from and where your loved ones will gather around day in and day out. So make sure that this space reflects your personality, and that you shine through in as much of the design as possible. Whether this is in the materials you use, the colours you pick or even a pattern/design in which you cover the bar’s main section, there are so many ways to ensure your personality is shining bright in your dining room bar.

Stock Your Bar Well

The worst thing is when the bar you’re visiting doesn’t stock your favourite drinks. But with a home bar – this never has to be a problem! Make sure you stock your bar as fully as you can with all your favourite spirits, mixers and the ingredients to put together your favourite cocktails whenever you want them! Don’t forget to keep some ice nearby, too, to cool your drinks!

Get the right glassware

The right glassware can make or break a bar. If you’re someone who likes to drink a good martini, then make sure you stock your bar with enough martini glasses to share with everyone. Get a range of glassware to cover all the different drinks you plan to serve at your home bar.

Get The Right Tools

Something a lot of people forget when they are setting up a bar at home is to include all the right tools. For a functional home bar, you should make sure you have a good bottle opener, measures, a shaker and places to hold garnishes for your drinks. Bar mats can also help to stop spills damaging the surface of your bar.

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