Living area in Home Interior Design by XO Living

Discover Modern Home Interior Design In The Turnsbridge Apartment By XO Living

  • Designer: XO Living
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Mujib Ojeifo
  • Location: Nigeria

Lagos-based interior designer, XO Living has created a modern home interior design with dramatic but functional features. From the anteroom, and the living room to the bedroom, this project stands out with its unconventional furniture and rich colour palette.

The compelling essence of this unconventional interior design is undeniably captivating, especially in key areas skillfully crafted by XO Living — the living room, family living room, and one bedroom.

Living room area in this modern Home Interior Design by XO Living

In the living room, a symphony of curves and splines in furnishings and built-in shelving creates a rhythmic experience akin to music. A dual-sided L-shaped modular sofa was chosen, providing occupants with a panoramic view of this dynamic space.

Contrary to the typical focus on TV walls, this space features a bar with a built-in curvy shelf and opulent island, a reading nook with indented back-lit wall arches, and a highlighted console setup adorned with dark-themed wall art. To maintain visual balance in this eccentric home interior design, XO Living introduced a captivating ceiling design on the opposite side, complemented by crisscross linear chandeliers.

The family living room offers a subdued variation, featuring a standout coffee table, softer colors, and shapes. An L-shaped sectional sofa, white TV console, and minimal wall art create a space illuminated by a dramatic chandelier.

Accessed directly from the anteroom, the stair hall boasts two curved-back single sofas, a console resembling the family living room, and a functional grey wall-to-wall window bench. Minimal wall art and a circular chandelier contribute to its charm, while an artsy drop-down décor piece enhances the aesthetics.

One of the bedrooms, in stark contrast to the living room’s drama, exudes a calming atmosphere. With soothing colors and effective lighting, the space features a bedframe with an offset curved headboard, paired with nightstands and an intriguing bed bench.

Bedroom in modern Home Interior Design by XO Living

In summary, XO Living’s modern home interior design showcases the profound impact of interior design on the psychology of residential occupants, offering a harmonious blend of drama and tranquility.

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