Project Blue Series (Part 3) – Inside A Regal Floral Victorian Bedroom For A Little Lady In Nigeria

  • Designer: Olivehaus Interiors
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Location: Nigeria

In the third segment of the Project Blue Series, we shift our focus to OliveHaus Interiors’ venture into Victorian bedroom design. Olivehaus Interior, crafted an exquisite Victorian bedroom design for the little lady in the house. Distinct from the living rooms and her brother’s room, the designers utilized an enchanting colour palette to create a space that feels both warm and inviting. The floral backdrop adds an element of whimsical charm, transforming the room into a magical sanctuary.

A girl’s bedroom is more than just a sleeping space. It’s a sanctuary where she can feel safe, and comfortable, and express her personality. It’s a place for dreaming, learning, and growing, filled with personal items that reflect her interests and experiences. The design of a girl’s bedroom can also influence her self-esteem, creativity, and overall well-being.

Victorian Bedroom Design By Olivehaus Interiors

When creating this victorian bedroom design, Olivehaus Interiors considered all of these aspects. It’s a compact, well-lit space, thanks to a large window covered with an off-white full-length curtain and white drapes. The simple white ceiling, peach-coloured walls, and wooden-patterned flooring frame the room. The Victorian theme is further enhanced by the white Victorian-style floor skirting.

The sleeping area features a compact green upholstered bedframe with off-white bedding and colourful throw pillows. Two simple dark grey nightstands with adorable bedside lamps accompany the bedframe. This setup rests on a generous area rug. Olivehaus also created a casual seating corner with a pastel pink bean chair.

Bean Chair in Victorian Bedroom Design By Olivehaus Interiors
Nightstand in Victorian Bedroom Design By Olivehaus Interiors
Nightstand in Victorian Bedroom Design By Olivehaus Interiors

One standout feature of this room is the floral wall behind the bed. The designer also used other small details to achieve this Victorian bedroom design, including the ribbed pastel pink throw pillows with trims and the bedside lamp’s shape and style.

Victorian Bedroom Design By Olivehaus Interiors

Olivehaus Interiors skillfully created a Victorian bedroom design from a compact space, catering to all the needs and aspirations of a little girl. The floral theme, coupled with the fine selection of colours and materials, not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal but also provides a sense of comfort and warmth.

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