Bathroom Renovation For A Residential Project By OliveHaus Interiors

This Stunning Bathroom Renovation For A Residential Project By OliveHaus Interiors Has A Curbless Shower

  • Designer: OliveHaus Interiors
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Location: Nigeria

Bathing spaces have evolved from mere functional necessities to personal sanctuaries. In this vein, OliveHaus Interiors recently unveiled a stunning bathroom renovation project that seamlessly integrates accessibility and contemporary aesthetics.

OliveHaus Interiors, a Lagos-based interior designer, described the project as a fusion of a tiny bathroom and an adjacent closet, resulting in the creation of an exquisite ‘wellness center’ for their client. Noteworthy features include strategically located shower controls, eliminating the need to get wet while adjusting settings—a thoughtful touch. However, the true standout is OliveHaus Interiors’ signature curbless shower, a nod to accessibility design.

Bathroom Renovation For A Residential Project By OliveHaus Interiors

Upon entering the renovated bathroom, a symphony of white, black, and chrome silver greets the eye. The choice of a monochromatic palette creates a timeless and sophisticated atmosphere, while the chrome silver accents add a touch of modern elegance. Two slim windows flood the space with natural light, enhancing the overall brightness.

The star of the show is undeniably the curbless shower—a design choice that goes beyond aesthetics. Not only does it exude contemporary flair, but it also addresses accessibility concerns, aligning seamlessly with OliveHaus Interiors’ commitment to thoughtful and inclusive design. The absence of a traditional shower curb eliminates obstacles, allowing for a smooth and effortless transition, making it an ideal solution for those with mobility challenges.

Moving to the functional elements, a wooden single basin vanity takes center stage, complemented by a rectangular mirror that not only reflects but also illuminates the space. The strategic placement of lighting, such as the linear dropdown light above the basin area, enhances both visibility and ambiance.

Vanity area with drop down linear light above.

The bathroom features distinct zones for the shower and tub, each adorned with niches for storage. Every detail has been meticulously curated, from the choice of hardware and fittings in black and chrome silver to the framed pictures adorning the walls, adding a personal and artistic touch.

The incorporation of a curbless shower and strategically placed controls reflects a practical approach to design. The monochromatic palette, lighting choices, and personalized elements contribute to a sophisticated ambiance. While the project exemplifies their design principles, it does so without excessive embellishment, presenting a balance between aesthetics and functionality in residential spaces.

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