This Serene Modern Living Room In Lagos Features A Games Area

  • Designer: Wood And Nails Ng
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

An upcoming trend in recent modern living room designs is the inclusion of recreation areas especially in open-concept spaces. Lagos-based interior design studio, Wood and Nails Ng recently shared images of a serene modern living room they designed that adopts this new trend with an interesting play of textures and colour.

We recently featured living rooms with similar layouts by Nigerian designers, each with distinctive themes and features. The monotone living room by Interior By Stratford had a retro-style door and the art-deco living room by Infinite Construction had an eclectic vibrant theme.

Serene Modern living room by wood and nails

Just like the others, this serene modern living room by wood and nails is distinctive. The way textures were layered to create drama within the space is quite interesting. There’s a noticeable progression from light and soft textures in the seating area through the entertainment area to dark and deep textures in the dining area.

Our vision for this space was to create a warm, restful sanctuary using natural textures and a soft, warm palettes, ensuring a restful escape above the city’s vibrant energy.

Wood and Nails, Instagram.
Another view of the serene Modern living room by wood and nails
The Dining area of the serene Modern living room by wood and nails
A view of the serene modern living room in in BIllard table with bar seating and three drop down lights.
A view of the open living layout, showing the games area.

What also stood out in this serene modern living room is the designer’s impressionist approach. Wood and Nails made very bold choices of furniture, especially in the dining area. The dining seats are bold, and stylish and were used to infuse a pop of blue. They also used bold and impressionable wall art and decor.

As designers continue to explore new ideas and push boundaries, spaces like these not only cater to the functional needs of homeowners but also serve as showcases of creativity and innovation in the field of interior design.

Gallery wall and floor to ceiling mirror in the hallway of the serene modern living room by Wood and nails Africa.
Hallway adorned with featuring a gallery wall and a mirror wall.
Another view the serene living room recreational area wood and nails
Dining area in the serene modern living room by wood and nails
Another view of the serene living room in the Modern living room by wood and nails

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