Warmth and style – so many good vibes in Hancock Design’s Laurel Canyon Home

I’m usually a sucker for eclectic spaces, one that combines bits and pieces of fine things to create one awesome experience – I think that’s why I fell in love with this home by Hancock Design, at first sight. Neutral spaces, colour-themed interiors with accent colours are all well and good, but what inspires me the most are those spaces infused with so much diversity and character, they feel alive. This home reminds me of one of the things I love about design, that our best creations come when we blur the lines. Located in Laurel Canyon, West Hollywood, this 5 bedroom family home belongs to Interior Designer Brigette Romanek (co-founder Hancock Design) and her film-maker husband, Mark Romanek.

Because of the home’s history, with rock musicians including the Beatles, The
 Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix (who, in the 60’s and 70’s, either lived or recorded music there) Brigette was hesitant to change much of the building’s structure. She wanted to retain some of it’s lived-in charm. A quote from her Vogue Australia feature says,

“I wanted to honour the history of this place, and if I tried to erase all the imperfections, it wouldn’t be the same house.”

The home combined a mix-match of modern and natural elements. The walls were remodelled, with most of it painted pristine white. The white walls were the perfect canvas for the diverse selection of furniture and decorations to pop and shine. Everything is winning here, each adding it’s own unique beauty and texture. The result are spaces that are richly textured, modern and sophisticated.

The library, a dis-continuation of the white walls features a noticeable paneled wood wall and floor-to ceiling shelving filled with books. I love that the major spaces in the home have their individual character. They are far from monotonous and clinical – warmth, style and life are among the closest things that come to mind when you think of them.

Read more on the home here.                                                                                                                       Image credit: Hancock Design

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