Image of cozy master bedroom design by Olivehaus Interiors

This Cozy Master Bedroom By Olivehaus Interiors Inspires Warmth

  • Designers: Olivehaus Interiors
  • Project type: Residential
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Location: Nigeria

Featuring the right bed and the right atmosphere, Olivehaus Interiors designed a cozy master bedroom for a residential project, employing a warm color palette and minimal decor.

This cozy master bedroom by Nigerian Interior Designer, Olivehaus Interiors, exudes a contemporary design style. It’s characterized by clean lines, minimalistic elements, and a neutral color palette. The aesthetic of choice emphasizes simplicity and timelessness in the space’s overall design.

Cozy master bedroom design by Olivehaus Interiors
Cozy master bedroom by Olivehaus Interiors featuring a neutral color scheme with subtle gold accents.

The color scheme of the master bedroom is predominantly neutral, with various shades of white, off-white, beige, and brown dominating the palette. Subtle accents of gold are present in the nightstand’s hardware and curtain tiebacks, providing understated luxury without overpowering the room’s warmth.

At the center of the room lies a beige upholstered bed frame, adorned with a curated selection of white and brown plush pillows, complemented by white bed covers. Flanking the bed are two white nightstands featuring gold hardware, seamlessly integrating functionality and design. A beige area rug defines the sleeping area, adding a layer of comfort underfoot. The walls, finished in an inviting off-white hue, serve as a serene backdrop for the room’s furnishings.

Image of cozy master bedroom design by Olivehaus Interiors

The master bedroom’s lighting design combines practicality and aesthetics. Cool-toned recessed ceiling lights create an even ambient glow, setting the mood for various activities. Gold table lamps on each nightstand offer warm, focused lighting for reading or relaxation, contributing to the room’s atmosphere.

Showing gold features in cozy master bedroom design by Olivehaus Interiors

For the design of this cozy master bedroom, Olivehause Interiors adhered to a minimalistic approach to décor. Above the bed’s headboard, a single picture frame adds a subtle point of interest, maintaining an uncluttered appearance. This minimalistic décor strategy enhances the room’s sense of simplicity and calm.

Image of headboard in cozy master bedroom design by Olivehaus Interiors

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