Before & After: 4 Things We Love About This Contemporary Semi-Outdoor Lounge Transformed From An Old Balcony

  • Designer: Teal Harmony
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Nigeria

Teal Harmony converted a balcony in a permanent residence into a contemporary semi-outdoor lounge for casual relaxation and comfort. Explore the 4 things we love about it!

A balcony is a platform or an elevated outdoor extension of a building, typically enclosed by a railing or balustrade. It is usually attached to the exterior of a building and protrudes from the wall, providing a space for people to stand or sit and enjoy the outdoors without being on the ground level. They can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, offering a place for relaxation, socializing, or simply enjoying a view.

Contemporary semi-outdoor lounge by Teal Harmony

Over the years, balconies in residential buildings went from the general communal post-colonial style to the more private and enclosed style such as this one worked on by Teal Harmony. They took it a step further in this balcony design by intentionally designing and fitting out the space to serve an expanded purpose – a semi-outdoor lounge. Here are 4 different ways through which they achieved this:

1. Functional Layout & Updates:

Teal Harmony did this balcony design to cater to its intended use as a relaxation spot and possibly an area for small and intimate social activities. They planned the layout and features to maximize the practicality and usability of the space.

To support this, they updated certain key elements within the space, especially the sliding door. It was changed from a white-framed three-leaf sliding door to a black-framed grand two-leaf sliding door to allow for better access and to match the new aesthetic. Other upgrades included extra protection from weather elements and a positive change in the textures and materials of the floor and walls.

Before image of Contemporary semi-outdoor lounge by Teal Harmony
Before Image: View from the inside.
Contemporary semi-outdoor lounge by Teal Harmony
After Image: Spatial layout of the space.

2. Comfortable & Modern Furniture

For this semi-outdoor lounge, Teal Harmony chose comfortable and durable furniture to transform the balcony into a cozy retreat. They Incorporated cushions, pillows, and ergonomic seating to enhance comfort and create an inviting atmosphere.

They also designed the semi-outdoor lounge to be flexible and adaptable to different needs and preferences. This was achieved by including movable furniture and versatile decor elements to accommodate various activities and arrangements.

3. Intentional Decor

Teal Harmony strategically arranged furniture, plants, and screens on the balcony to enhance privacy and establish a cozy atmosphere. Carefully selected elements are seamlessly integrated for optimal comfort and discretion, resulting in a balanced and welcoming space that effortlessly combines natural elements with thoughtful design. The white round planters are especially worthy of note.

Contemporary semi-outdoor lounge by Teal Harmony

4. Integration With Indoor Space

A seamless transition was created between the indoor space and the semi-outdoor lounge to enhance the overall flow of the living area. They used design elements that connect the balcony with the interior, creating a cohesive and integrated look. This was most especially done with the matching shades of wood for the flooring and the complementing colours and styles of the furniture.

Through the intentional use of select design elements, Teal Harmony achieved a cohesive and integrated balcony design, resulting in a contemporary semi-outdoor lounge that radiates relaxation and comfort for casual enjoyment.

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