The Yard By La Maison Douillet: Inside This Contemporary Interior Design Oasis in Shades of Grey

  • Designer: La Maison Douillet
  • Project Name: The Yard
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Paint brand: Esteem Paints
  • Mirror: Produced by LMD
  • Coffee tables: Produced by LMD
  • Lighting: Sourced from a local vendor in Oshodi
  • Rug: Sourced from Pascal Rugs on Instagram.
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Furniture: Locally crafted by LMD
  • Location: Ikeja, Lagos

In the ever-changing landscape of interior design, some styles endure, offering a timeless and refined allure. La Maison Douillet, showcases a contemporary interior design that seamlessly blends darker walls, live plants, and an overall grey theme, creating an inviting and harmonious atmosphere that exudes modernity and warmth.

At the core of this contemporary interior design concept is the use of darker walls, which establish an intimate and cozy ambiance within the space. Deep charcoal, slate, or navy hues provide a bold backdrop, allowing other design elements to shine. The darker walls also add depth, enveloping the room and creating a sense of comfort.

Contemporary Interior Design by La Maison Douillet

Live plants play a pivotal role in softening the boldness of the dark walls while infusing the space with a breath of life. The vibrant greenery not only adds a touch of nature but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment. Potted plants are deliberately placed throughout the space to create visual interest and contrast against the muted tones, breaking the monotony of the grey theme and infusing a sense of vitality.

Cozy living room interior by La Maison Douillet

The overall grey theme, though often associated with neutrality, takes on a new dimension in this contemporary interior design. Shades of grey are meticulously layered and combined, ranging from light dove greys to deeper, almost industrial tones. This gradient of greys adds complexity and sophistication, ensuring that the space feels curated and intentional.

Close up shot of centre piece vase onn 4-seater dining table.
Distinctive wooden and marble top tiered centre table.

According to the designers, materials, and textures play a crucial role in elevating the aesthetic of the room. A mix of crushed velvet, leather, and tweed introduces luxury and tactility, while sleek marble accents provide a modern edge. These contrasting textures create a multi-dimensional experience that is visually appealing and inviting to the touch.

TV wall joinery
Dining area in cozy living room design by La Maison Douillet.
Console setup with white wall art.
Close up of nordic style dining chair
Close up shot of grey console in living room design by La Maison Douillet.

Thoughtful art completes the ambiance, with abstract and contemporary pieces injecting vitality and individualism into the space. These artworks add a dynamic and transformative element, resonating with the spirit of modernity and enhancing the overall aesthetic of La Maison Douillet’s contemporary interior design.

White wall art above grey console.
Contemporary Interior Design by La Maison Douillet.

Through the seamless integration of darker walls, live plants, and a sophisticated grey theme, The Yard by La Maison Douillet is visually stunning, deeply resonant with modern sensibilities and definitely worth a second glance.

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