Entertainment area in Duotone Living Area Fitout By Luxehome By Us

The Cooper Project: An Enigmatic Duotone Living Area Fitout By Luxehome By Us

  • Designer: Luxehome By Us
  • Project Title: Cooper Project
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • F&E: Luxe Home Affairs
  • Photography: Luxury Interior Image Ng
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Luxehome By Us, a Nigerian interior design studio, undertook the design of an open-concept duotone living area that exudes a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and an enigmatic atmosphere.

The Cooper Project, undertaken by Luxehome By Us, is a residential endeavor encompassing comprehensive interior design, full furnishings, and tasteful styling in various living spaces, including the anteroom, living area, kitchen design, home office, principal suite, and two guest bedrooms.

The duotone living area exhibits a thoughtful design, done in white and a dark shade, seamlessly merging an entertainment area with a dining space. The space, rectangular in shape, benefits from ample natural light filtering through sizable windows, balancing its darker color palette. The strategic use of materials and daylight ensures it maintains an open and inviting atmosphere.

Entertainment area in Duotone Living Area Fitout By Luxehome By Us
The Cooper Project by Luxehome by Us.

The area is defined by a refined white oak herringbone floor, adding sophistication. The ceiling finished in a simple white, complements the space’s structure. This in combination with the generous daylight contributes to a harmonious and inviting ambiance in the living room.

The entertainment area is a focal point of the living space, characterized by a well-thought-out radial layout. It includes a grey curved sofa, complemented by two dark single chairs with side tables. A glass-top cylindrical coffee table takes center stage, placed atop a grey area rug. A minimalistic monotone TV unit contributes to the modern and comfortable atmosphere of the duotone living area.

Adjacent to the entertainment space, the dining area offers a more intimate setting. It features a distinctive 6-seater oval dining table with two corrugated cylindrical legs, making it a conversation starter. Six grey dining chairs complement this unique table, completing the contemporary dining experience. A matching dark console, accompanied by an abstract wall painting, adds depth and character to the space. A large round mirror opposite this setup enhances aesthetics and provides a sense of spaciousness.

A notable feature in this duotone living area is the dynamic grey bench located near the entrance door. It is paired with a striking wall painting that complements the overall design. This addition near the entrance serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.

The space is thoughtfully illuminated with concealed strip lights, creating a gentle ambiance. Focus lights have been strategically positioned over seating arrangements and wall art to highlight their significance. This thoughtful lighting design enhances the overall atmosphere and allows the duotone color scheme to shine.

In summary, Luxehome By Us has skillfully transformed this space in “The Cooper Project” into a duotone living area that encapsulates contemporary design with the use of just two colours. With an eye for detail, careful material selection, and meticulous lighting design, the living area is not only a functional space but also a canvas for artistic expression.

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