The Art Hotel: Explore This Elegant Luxury Hotel Interior Design In Lagos By Project Interior

  • Designer: Project Interior Ng
  • Project Title: The Art Hotel
  • Project Type: Hospitality
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Mujib Ojeifo
  • Location: Lagos, Nigera

Project Interior, a Nigerian interior designer, created a hotel interior design in Lagos. The Art Hotel boasts a range of spaces, including a restaurant, reception, lobby, meeting and conference rooms, a gym, 49 rooms and suites, and an art gallery.

From the driveway to the reception lobby you are transported immediately from Lagos to Miami! Luxury at its finest!


As you step into the reception area, a captivating blend of colors unfolds before your eyes. Grey, brown wood, black, and white dominate the color scheme, creating an atmosphere of timeless sophistication. What immediately catches your attention is the slatted wooden wall cladding behind the receptionist’s desk. Embedded rectangular lights add a touch of modernity that harmoniously matches the wood used for the reception desk.

Exterior view of Hotel Interior Design by Project Interior
Facade of the luxury Art Hotel in Lagos Nigeria.
Entrance in Hotel Interior Design by Project Interior

A pair of black single guest seats with polygonal side tables welcomes guests, setting the tone for the artful experience within. The artsy ceiling centerpiece hanging above the atrium space adds an element of surprise and charm.

Beyond the reception area, an art display space beckons, featuring carefully curated works from local artists. A single-flight staircase leads you to the rest of the art gallery, where creativity knows no bounds. Conspicuous white round-bottomed planters strategically placed around the space catch the eye, along with additional guest seating thoughtfully arranged beneath the staircase.

The first-floor lobby in this hotel interior design is accessible via a floating staircase and reveals itself as an atrium space illuminated by a skylight five stories above. A sea of grey and beige seats and sofas creates an inviting and calming ambiance. The color scheme here complements that of the reception, offering a harmonious flow from one area to the next.

Lobby in Hotel Interior Design by Project Interior

The restaurant maintains the hotel’s general color scheme while infusing a delightful touch of blue through the bar stools. The walls are adorned with various artworks, each carefully placed to enhance the artistic atmosphere. To amplify the artistic vibe, in this hotel interior design, round artsy chandeliers illuminate the space, casting a warm glow over the diners.

The shelving unit behind the bar stands out as an impressive woodwork piece, steel-supported and cleverly fitted with back mirrors that create an illusion of space. Prominent planters add an extra layer of sophistication to this space.

The rooftop terrace extends the restaurant’s artistic vibe, but it also exudes an airy and dreamy ambiance, thanks to the carefully selected furniture. It’s a space where guests can unwind, soak in the views, and immerse themselves in art and nature.

In contrast, the gym features a modern and minimal style. Dominated by a neutral black, white, and grey palette, it offers a serious and focused environment. Large windows frame colorful landscapes outdoors, providing an interesting backdrop to workouts.

Meeting room in Hotel Interior Design by Project Interior

The rooms and suites in this hotel’s interior design are designed with luxury in mind. Building upon the hotel’s general color scheme, pops of color and touches of gold infuse each space with style and class. The hotel has different rooms and suites with design elements to suit their purpose.

With a neutral palette, conspicuous planters, touches of luxury, and an abundance of natural lighting, this hotel interior design by Project Interior achieves a harmonious balance of sophistication and functionality. Each space within the hotel is meticulously crafted to offer an inviting and memorable experience, where art seamlessly integrates with the overall design.

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