Super eclectic interior with lots of colour!

I am swooning over this living space belonging to Andrea Duclos and her family; and its especially because of its beautiful and vibrant colours. The overall feel is just so bright and happy. The colours and patterns splashed across the white walls is such a beautiful combination. You can’t be moody in this house, nooooo, not at all ~ this space influences you with happiness.

Full view of the living room
The use of rich textures from that of the mat, the pillows, the rugs and other furnishings adds more life and depth to the spaces
Beautiful patterns everywhere….


Homely traditional kitchen with stained glass features.


Lively and colourful bedroom space. The tapestry at the window is such a beauty.

 “White walled interiors offer a great backdrop for playing with colours and beautiful patterns. Other neutral colours like beige, grey, taupe, black will do the trick too. For bright and sparkly finish using white or other light neutrals will do just fine. You can also combine them with a dark neutrals like grey or black or patterns having them (for a softer feel)”

The child’s bedroom is full of beautiful patterns and vibrant colours. I love those storage bins.



Loving this drum night table concept. The drums originally belonged to her husband. The metallic look adds more texture and richness to the room.


A simple white shelving for books and other items.
[All images courtesy of Design sponge]


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