A Stunning, Modern Gray Living Room With Black Metal Shelf

  • Designer: Mandora Design
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Location: Nigeria

With the deliberate use of different dark shades and an intentional combination of textures and patterns, a modern gray living room can be as stylish as its coloured counterparts.

Nigerian Interior and architectural design company, Mandora Design recently shared images of a completed residential project featuring a gray living room. The images captured by architectural photographer, Toby Oremuyiwa highlighted the measures the designers took to create this wholesome design.

Monochromatic living room with L-shaped sofa.

A close look at this open gray living room will reveal its calm but sophisticated character. The infusion of green through indoor planting is quite appreciable as it softens the space and makes it lively and receptive.

Black steel shelf in a dining area with black nordic-style seats.
Gray Monochromatic living room by Mandora Design
Gray living room by Mandora Design.

Mandora Design used stone and metal in some components within the space. The coffee table and dining table feature a marble and steel finish giving the living room a bold personality. A grey colour palette can be seen across the room – with continuity punctuated by the introduction of black accessories and furniture. Worthy of note are the industrial black metal shelf, the black dining chairs, the black pendant light, the black floor lamp and, the potted plants.

The soft grey walls against the white doors, ceilings and flooring create a subtle contrast for variety and a little drama.

Metal shelving in gray living room by Mandora Design
Dining area in gray living room by Mandora Design
Dining area in gray living room by Mandora Design showing colourful wall art and black steel shelf.

The designer’s approach to creating the monochromatic living room demonstrates a balanced and serene aesthetic. Through the careful use of materials like stone and metal – paired with subtle injections of greenery and colourful wall art – a sophisticated and calming atmosphere is achieved.

Gray living room by Mandora Design.

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