Steps towards Creating a Fabulous and Functional Home

Whether you’re moving into a new home at the moment or spicing up your current one, updating your living space from time to time is a must. It’s all about keeping things visually appealing and practical practicality, but combining these two notions isn’t always easy. You need to utilize every inch of your home and make the most of the space you’ve got, so working room by room might be the best way to go. If you’re not sure how to make your home more functional and fabulous, here’s what you should do.

1. The kitchen

The key to designing a functional kitchen is creating the perfect layout. There are lots of ideas you can explore – from the L- and U-shaped layouts to the one-wall and galley kitchens. You need to organize everything precisely and know where everything goes, as that’s the only way to make sure your kitchen is as practical as possible.

Another issue you should look into is the kitchen triangle – the space between your sink, your fridge, and your stove. These are the areas you use the most when preparing food, and they need to be close to each other. This way, you won’t waste too much time when you’re cooking, and you might even start enjoying it more than before.

2. The bathroom

When it comes to achieving functionality in the bathroom, the only thing you have to deal with is the storage space. Lots of modern homes have tiny bathrooms, and there’s little you can do there, so, in order to solve the problem or functionality, you need to solve the storage problem first.

Start by incorporating the biggest cabinet you can fit in, and you’ll be able to store everything from your towels to your beauty products here. Also, don’t forget those practical storage solutions that use the space above the door – just imagine how many things you can fit in there! Finally, maximize the space by installing a shelf or two below the sink, and store your shampoos and toilet paper there.

3. The attic and the basement

Speaking of storage, most people don’t use these spaces just because they’ve converted them into storage areas for all their unwanted possessions nobody can really enjoy. This needs to stop right away, so try to find a way to make the most of your attic and your basement.

First, declutter them: donate, repurpose and throw away everything you don’t need. You can store the things you’re actually going to need in the future in your spacious industrial shed in the backyard – this feature won’t just be able to store and protect a ton of stuff, but it will also give your outdoor space a fabulous new look you’ve always wanted. In the end, invite a decorator and a designer who will turn your clutter-free basement and attic into exciting, visually appealing and, above all, warm environments you’ll definitely enjoy.

4. The living room

When creating a living room that’s appealing and practical, you need to reconsider your layout and your furniture. Giving yourself enough maneuvering space and making sure this space is decluttered are two of the most important aspects of a beautiful and functional living room. So, don’t be afraid to clean it frequently and change the layouts every once in a while – or at least until you’ve found the one that works for you perfectly.

If you’re worried about furnishing your living room, don’t be. With so many options available to you on the market, you should have no problems finding the furniture that will suit your style. Combine it with the color of your living room walls, and you’ll create a space every member of your family is going to love.

5. The bedroom

In the end, creating a functional bedroom is all about achieving maximum comfort and coziness. So, take your time when choosing the right bed – think about your budget, the size of your bedroom, the number of people using it and the type of bed, and find a model you’ll be happy with in the years to come as well.

Once you do that, all that’s left is repainting the walls and picking a calming color scheme that will help you regain your inner peace and minimize your stress. Beige, off-white, grey and coral are among the most calming colors, so look into these and find the one that suits you the most. Repainting the walls shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, and you’ll have a brand new room sooner than you’ve thought.

Creating a fabulous and functional home doesn’t have to be as hard as people think, and you just need to stay calm and focus on one room at a time. In the end, you’ll surely end up with the nicest and most practical home in the neighborhood, and that’s something we all want.

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