A modern gold chandelier hanging over the rust coloured living room in Lagos by Nigerian Interior Designer, Wood and Nails

Refreshing White And Rust Coloured Living Room In Lagos by Wood and Nails

Step inside this white living room in Lagos, Nigeria with a blend of stylish furniture and accessories.

Designed and implemented by Wood and Nails, an Interior Design Studio in Nigeria, the living room has a predominantly white interior that is both welcoming and refreshing. The vibrant white walls set the stage for the modern style created by the designers.

The living room is furnished with a combination of a curved light-coloured sofa and a set of “darker shade” identical rust-coloured armchairs. The light-coloured sofa is accessorised with a set of rust-coloured throw pillows and a throw.

A stylish sculptural coffee table placed in the middle completes the look. Other gold accessories are introduced into the space, including a modern gold chandelier that hangs over the living room.

Part of the living room wall is panelled with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The mirrors make the space more dynamic and interesting. They also give the living room an additional sense of depth and style.

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