Project Blue Series (Part 2) – Discover How OliveHaus Interiors Blended Styles In This Stately Boy’s Bedroom

  • Designer: Olivehaus Interiors
  • Project Title: Project Blue
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Location: Nigeria

In the second part of our Project Blue Series, we explore OliveHaus Interiors‘ approach to blending styles in a stately boy’s bedroom. This installment unveils thoughtful design choices that harmonize timeless elegance with contemporary elements. Join us as we delve into the details of how OliveHaus crafted a space that balances aesthetics and functionality, creating a bedroom that embodies both sophistication and the lively spirit of its young occupant.

A well-designed boy’s bedroom strikes a balance between functionality and creativity, catering to the evolving needs and vibrant personalities of young occupants. When thoughtfully laid out, it should ensure ample space for play and study with a colour palette that fosters a sense of personalisation and comfort. All of these were captured in the design of this boy’s bedroom but what stood out was the fusion of architectural styles.

Project Blue Series Part 2 - Boy's bedroom by Olvehaus Interiors

Olivehaus Interiors designed this bedroom to be a dynamic space that grows with its occupant to foster a sense of independence and creativity. They did this by blending the modern and victorian style to create a secure, welcoming and timeless environment. They blended timeless and age-appropriate elements to ensure that the design can adapt as the child matures.

One of the notable ways, the modern and Victorian styles – were fused in this boy’s bedroom design in the colour palette. While Victorian design often embraces rich, deep tones like burgundy, navy and forest green, modern styles tend to favor neutral and muted colours. Olivehaus Interiors struck a balance by selecting a neutral base of white and beige and incorporating Victorian hues through the blue walls, ornate textiles and statement furniture – the bedside tables. This ensured a harmonious blend that captured the essence of both styles.

Project Blue Series Part 2 - Boy's bedroom by Olivehaus Interiors
Project Blue Series Part 2 - Boy's bedroom by Olvehaus Interiors
Study desk in boy's bedroom by Olivehaus Interiors.

The architectural details in this boy’s bedroom played a crucial role in defining both Victorian and modern styles. The designer Introduced simple mouldings in the wall skirtings for a touch of Victorian grandeur. Simultaneously, the designers also embraced modern simplicity through clean lines and unembellished surfaces. They attempted to achieve a balance between intricate detailing and minimalist features.

The blend of Victorian and modern architectural styles in this boy’s bedroom offers a captivating and harmonious design that transcends the boundaries of time. By carefully incorporating elements from both eras, the designers created a space that is not only visually stunning but also a true reflection of their appreciation for the elegance of the past and the functionality of the present.

Project Blue Series Part 2 - Boy's bedroom by Olvehaus Interiors

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