Serene Ocean Blue Bathroom By Serdamol Interiors

  • Designers: Sermadol Interiors
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Luxury Interior Image

In this ocean blue bathroom by Serdamol Interiors, the hues of the sea seem to come alive. With fittings adorned in soothing ocean blue and marble tiles that mimic the undulating waves, each moment would feel like a stroll by the beach side.

Serdamol Interiors employed a thoughtful use of materials to distinguish both function and space within this well-lit bathroom. All wet areas and fittings feature a serene ocean blue color, while the dry sections, especially the floors, showcase a warm brown tone. This balanced approach aims to define specific areas while maintaining a cohesive and neutral aesthetic throughout the entire bathroom.

Sink area in Ocean Blue Bathroom By Serdamol Interiors

The ocean blue bathroom extends to the carefully curated vanity setup, featuring a wooden and white vanity with an ottoman tucked beneath. A blue glass sink graces the clean white countertop, complemented by a sizable mirror that visually expands the space. Serdamol Interiors employs a two-way mirror to delineate the sink area from the bath, enhancing both practicality and aesthetics.

Sink area in Ocean Blue Bathroom By Serdamol Interiors

The shower stall envelops occupants in a sea of blue wave-patterned tiles, complete with recessed niches for storage convenience. This thoughtful approach extends to the bath area, where the same tiles define a space housing a blue glass tub paired with a sleek silver floor-mounted tub mixer.

Ancillary components, including a discreet ottoman, a blue chair, and a metal caddy with a wooden base shelf, enrich the bathroom’s functionality and style. Serdamol Interiors achieves a harmonious blend of coastal tranquility and functional elegance, creating a bathroom retreat that captures the timeless allure of the ocean.

With additional thoughtful touches like an ottoman, blue chair, and a metal caddy, this ocean blue bathroom by Serdamol Interiors not only defines function but also ensures a serene and inviting atmosphere for those seeking a beachside-inspired retreat.

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