No Christmas Tree? Here are Four Christmas Decoration Ideas to Get your Home Christmas Ready

Christmas is around the corner and a number of us are wondering what we’re going to do to get our homes and other activity spaces ready for Christmas.

For those that already have Christmas decorations, this wouldn’t be a challenge except for trying to figure out how to go about the decoration. But for those of us in the mood for Christmas, but don’t have any Christmas decorations (including a Christmas tree), here are some four ways you can get your home Christmas ready without breaking the bank.

  1. No christmas tree? create a ‘faux’ one.

If you really want to have a Christmas tree, but aren’t ready to spend the money to do so right now, you can diy one if you do have the time. I Didn’t know about DIY’ing a Christmas tree until I saw it on a facebook group I’m on ; Life Behind Design with Folakemi. This would be a fun project to do with the family, and if you have kids, they’ll certainly have a good time working with you on this. Here are some DIY Christmas trees we found that are not only beautiful , but also easy to do.

A DIY  Christmas tree made from yarn, as created by A Beautiful Mess. See the full tutorial here.
A DIY Christmas tree made from Christmas lights as seen on Martha Stewart.
Really love this one ~ A DIY Christmas tree made from Christmas lights as seen on Martha Stewart.
Love this minimalist Christmas tree seen on Apartment Therapy made from two large cone shapes. It's pretty easy to do.
Love this minimalist Christmas tree seen on Apartment Therapy made by creating two large cone shapes. It’s pretty easy to do.

P.s : If you don’t have time for a DIY Christmas tree, no worries at all. You can still get your home ready for Christmas with these remaining ideas.

2. Add some greens

The Christmas season is usually synonymous with lots of green and red hues. You can introduce some greens into your space with some simple indoor plants. If you’re concerned you’ll not be able to maintain them, you shouldn’t be, because the Christmas season is just for a short time. It will just be some few days of maintenance, after which you can unburden yourself of the duty. But who knows, you may just pick up a new habit, a very good one at that knowing indoor plants improve the air quality within your space as well as the goodness of adding an effortless natural texture and colour to the space. Accessorize your indoor plant with some Christmas ornaments and decor items. You don’t need so much, just a little will do

Decorating a houseplant for christmas.
Decorating your green plants with some Christmas ornaments immediately takes the plant from ordinary to Christmas mode. Image credit : Better Homes and gardens/
Hibiscus flower decorated with a Christmas wreath, candle and some ribbons. Image credit : Better Homes and gardens/

3. Light it up

Lighting is always a good distraction, and a christmas decoration without a christmas tree would need a good distraction. To do this, focus your lighting on an object, or a small section of your space. For example, you can stage your Christmas lights around the gallery/picture wall of your house, or around a big art piece, if you have one. You could also stage it around your pendant light at your dining area to create a beautiful focal point. You don’t need lots of Christmas lights, just a handful to set the right mood and take people’s interest from the Christmas tree.

Christmas string lights used to decorate a mirror.
It could be a full lenght mirror, or a mirror on a console, but decorating them with Christmas string lights makes them an instant focal point. Image credit: Design Sponge.

4. Decorate!

Your usual decor items like throw pillows, throws, figurines can also be used to get your home ready for Christmas. Getting affordable Christmas themed throw pillows will immediately make a difference in your space. Like I said earlier, you don’t have to break the bank. Xstabel designs just released their Christmas themed pillow collection and the prices are a deal too.  Of course, not left out are your usual Christmas decorations and ornaments like the wreaths, ribbons, baubles etc. You can get a small quantity of them to start with while you build your Christmas decoration collection.

A number of Christmas DIY christmas wreaths hanging from a window, using ribbons. Image credit : Apartment therapy.
A space decorated for Christmas with a combination of Christmas ornaments including some Christmas themed pillows. Image credit : google.
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