Never Want to Leave: 5 Tips for Making Your Home the Most Inviting

Have you ever entered your own home and just felt overwhelmed? It could be that your house is not well organized and hence not inviting or welcoming.

An inviting home will make you feel welcomed and provide an enabling environment for you to do your home activities in a relaxed atmosphere. Making your home welcoming doesn’t need to be costly; try the following tips by spending little or no money:

Place Fresh Flowers Around Your Home

Fresh flowers are good for your home. They have a way of changing the environment from a dull one to a bright one. They also have pleasant smells depending on the varieties you will get. Purchasing fresh flowers can be expensive; you can pick them from your yard if you grow them. If not, budget for them. It is more economical if you buy them directly from a florist than a grocery shop. Buy them in bulk if you want to save and preserve them well in such a way that you can have them for a whole week. You can then place them in your chosen spots in the house.

Hanging Geometric Wood Planters by Fernweh Woodworking are a Modern way with which to add Flowers to your home. Find out more about them here.


Decluttering can be difficult if you have kids in the house, but you will love your home after decluttering. It is of no use having items you no longer need in the house. For instance, broken toys. You can start by decluttering the space that annoys you the most. Closets are examples. Have clothes that you only use. Get rid of clothes and shoes that do not fit you. You can collect them and give them to people that need them.

You can also de-clutter the rooms that are mostly used in your house. Places like the family room that is used primarily to host visitors should be de-cluttered. The kitchen is also another area of concern. At the end of the day, you will have a beautiful and inviting home after decluttering.

Accessorize Your Home

Assess each room in your house to find out what is needed or how furniture can be rearranged. You can rearrange furniture, and this only will change the look of your home. You can also accessorize by adding pillows. Pillows will add color and comfort to couches or beds. You can also mount family pictures on walls in places like the hallways between bedrooms. Change your rugs as well to change the look of your home.

This DIY Recycled Leather and Wood shelf is a great way to add character along with trendy accessories to your space. Find out how to make yours here.

Add Color

The colors you choose for your house should be inviting. You can choose to have a colored accent wall in a room. Apart from paintings, you can add color by purchasing colorful throw pillows and blankets. Try to have bright colors because they seem to be more inviting, and they also create a happy environment.

Spruce Up Your Entrance

The entrance is the most neglected place in many homes. You can make your entrance appealing by cleaning the sidewalks and the front porch. Take time to weed your flower beds, and you will have a different but lovely look.

An Inviting Entrance at the Well of Light House, designed by Phidias Indonesia. See more about the home here.

To conclude, you don’t have to break your bank to have a good looking home. Simple activities like de-cluttering, adding color and accessories will always change your home’s environment.

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