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This Modern White Kitchen By Oeuvre Designs Is Stylish And Inviting

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Accessible through double glass doors, this modern white kitchen has an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Oeuvre Designs achieved this with a minimal palette and a simple layout.

The design style of this kitchen is modern, characterized by clean lines, a minimalist aesthetic, and a focus on functionality. The color palette sets the tone with a combination of white, wood, grey, and a touch of teal blue. The result is a fresh, inviting atmosphere that feels both modern and welcoming.

View 1 of Modern White Kitchen by Ouevre Designs

The cabinetry was created with white glossy cabinets decorated with black and golden hardware. This provides a striking contrast against the bright wood-patterned floor tiles laid in a herringbone style. The upper cabinets offer a mix of open and closed shelves, providing a balance of concealed and visible storage.

Also, our client’s needs and ideas of a comfortable, beautiful and efficient space keep us going. The objective is not just to have a beautiful space but also to design a functional space tailored to their needs.

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One subtle yet interesting aspect of this kitchen design is the wall treatment. The walls were done in a light shade of grey that complemented the white kitchen cabinets. The grey concrete-patterned backsplash collaborated with the wood accents to give the modern white kitchen more character.

View of the modern white kitchen by Ouevre Designs

The appliances and plumbing fittings were all purchased in the same stainless silver. This contributed to the cohesiveness of the modern white kitchen design.

Two wooden and glass pendant lights hang above the kitchen island and are supported by ambient strip lights. This adds a touch of sophistication and also highlights the interesting design of the ceiling.

The kitchen island, which has three breakfast chairs for casual dining, serves as the heart of the kitchen. It features a prep sink, which adds convenience and is a stylish focal point. By placing the island strategically, Oeuvre Designs created an efficient work triangle that connects the cooking area, washing sink, prep sink, and refrigerator. The kitchen flows seamlessly with this layout, making meal preparation a breeze.

Full View of Modern White Kitchen by Ouevre Designs

The white kitchen cabinets, gold hardware and wood accents in different shades come together to create a functional and aesthetically cohesive modern white kitchen.

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